A prominent Texas city like Houston offers plenty of comforts that add to the experience of living here. But a growing city also poses challenges in certain areas, such as water and plumbing. A leading home and kitchen décor company says that about 10% of Americans used a plumber in 2023, and around 9% approached their services more than once. Since plumbing concerns in Houston households are common due to hard water and sandy soil, knowing about them beforehand will help you navigate unwanted situations (whether gradually developing or abrupt occurrences) calmly and clearly. So here is a quick look into them.

  • Leaky pipes

Many apartments and houses face this problem frequently. The noise of the water dropping from the pipes becomes intolerable after a point. Plus, it wastes so much water, while the loss may seem abysmal on the surface. A reputable environmental agency reveals that 10,000 gallons of water are lost yearly due to leaking problems. You can stop it by contracting the plumbing services of an expert Houston handyman. Whether pipe or faucet, they can fix the leakage issue efficiently. 

  • Clogged drains

Backup incidents in kitchen and bathroom sinks hint at drain clog problem. Bathroom pipes can become clogged due to accumulated skin flakes, hair, and dirt around the draining tub’s walls. These substances also hamper the smooth flow of the water. Food waste can be the main culprit in kitchens. Although drain cleaners work sometimes, major blockages need thorough drain cleaning to eliminate troublesome matters for a long time. However, it will help if you also dispose of waste products carefully. For example, when you see hair strands in the drain pipe, remove them with a hair catcher. Small habits like these can prevent significant hiccups from happening, saving your hard-earned money.

  • Runny toilet

Whether the flushing system is weak or the tank receives excess water, a running toilet quickly wastes gallons of water daily. In concrete terms, it causes a loss of 168 gallons of water a week and 8,736 gallons annually. Generally, these events occur due to a malfunctioning flapper valve, which monitors the passage of the water between the tank and the bowl. DIY kits are available if you can manage this problem. Otherwise, a handyman can also solve it for a small fee. If you want to look into this problem, start with the thin pipe and the overflow tube in the tank. You may also check the float’s position to ensure the fill valve closes properly.

  • Low water pressure

One can assume only older homes face this, while even new constructions are not spared of the nagging plumbing problems. Nevertheless, several factors can be responsible here, such as pipe debris, corroded pipe walls, damaged pressure regulators, etc. If low water pressure is caused by pipe corrosion or damage, re-piping can be the solution. 

Like these, every household is vulnerable to water and plumbing problems. Proper upkeep of the pipes can miraculously reduce your daily stress levels induced by these irritants. At the same time, correcting any issue at the slightest hint can save your life from unnecessary hassles.