Property values are influenced by many factors, from economic trends to local amenities. However, one of the most effective ways for landlords to add value to their rental properties is through strategic renovations.

But not all renovations are equal—some can significantly boost a property’s return on investment (ROI), while others might not make much of a difference. While rents in places like Tampa, FL, are 9% higher than the national average, the median price, as of October 2023, was $2,200. This is $143 less than it was last year (October 20222)

Such figures indicate that the Tampa rental market can get competitive, and landlords must constantly seek ways to elevate the value of their properties to stand out. The key lies in selecting renovations that promise the best ROI.

Bathroom Upgrades for Better Usability

Upgrading a bathroom can greatly enhance its usability and appeal. Simple changes can make a noticeable difference, such as installing new fixtures or updating tiles. A well-designed bathroom is often a top feature that potential buyers or renters look for in a property.

However, for a bathroom to be truly effective, it should cater to everyone, including seniors and those with mobility challenges. Considering that 13% of Tampa’s population is aged 65 or older, incorporating features like walk-in tubs or showers can be a smart choice.

These tubs are not only safe but also offer easy access, making them a favorite among older people. It’s crucial to select professionals who are experts in installing Tampa walk-in tubs and can even work on other areas of your bathrooms that might need an upgrade. 

Understanding the Local Market

When planning to renovate a property, it’s vital to first grasp the specific needs and wants of the local renters. Different places have their own set of popular features that tenants are drawn to.

For some, a state-of-the-art kitchen with the latest appliances might be a top priority. In contrast, others might be more inclined towards homes that offer spacious outdoor areas for relaxation or social gatherings.

There are also places where the climate plays a significant role in renter preferences. In such areas, certain amenities, like effective cooling systems or pools, can be especially sought after.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

People today are more environmentally aware than ever before. As a result, many look for homes equipped with energy-efficient appliances.

These appliances use less electricity, which is not only good for the planet but also helps in lowering monthly bills. When renters see that a property has these appliances, they often view it as a cost-saving and eco-friendly option.

For landlords, this means their property stands out in a competitive market. Examples of such appliances include refrigerators that cool efficiently, washing machines that use less water, and dryers that consume minimal power.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have gained immense popularity in recent years. They offer a spacious feel by removing unnecessary walls and barriers. This design allows for better flow and movement within the space, making it seem bigger than it actually is.

Such designs are versatile, meeting the needs of various potential renters. Families, for instance, benefit from the communal feeling an open space provides, making it easier to interact and spend time together.

For roommates, it offers flexibility in setting up shared areas. Single professionals, on the other hand, might appreciate the expansive feel and the ease of entertaining guests.

Outdoor Enhancements

Outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly valuable in the rental market. Many renters appreciate having a personal outdoor area where they can relax, entertain, or simply enjoy nature.

In regions with good weather, the desire for outdoor spaces is even stronger. Adding a patio provides a dedicated space for outdoor dining or relaxation.

A deck, on the other hand, can be an elevated space that offers views and a feeling of openness. For those who love greenery, a small garden can be a delightful addition, offering a touch of nature and a space to cultivate plants or flowers.

Fresh Paint and Neutral Tones

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for a property. Over time, walls can get stained or faded, making spaces look old or worn out. Repainting them gives an instant refresh, making the area look clean and well-maintained.

While bold colors might be trendy, they can also be polarizing. Neutral tones, on the other hand, are versatile and timeless. Colors like beige, gray, or soft white can brighten up a room, giving it a more open feel.

Additionally, these shades act as a blank canvas. Renters can easily imagine how their furniture and personal items will fit into the space.

Upgraded Flooring

Floors play a pivotal role in the overall look and feel of a home. Over time, they face a lot of foot traffic, spills, and other challenges that can lead to visible damage. That’s why investing in good-quality flooring is essential for property owners.

Hardwood floors, for instance, bring warmth and elegance to any space. They are durable, long-lasting, and often preferred by many renters for their timeless appeal.

On the other hand, high-quality laminate offers a cost-effective alternative. It mimics the look of natural materials like wood or stone, yet it’s easier to maintain. Furthermore, both these options are easy to clean and maintain, making them attractive choices for renters.

Security Enhancements

When searching for a place to live, one of the main concerns for many people is how safe they’ll feel in their new home. This is why adding security features to a property can make it stand out to potential renters.

Reliable security systems, which might include cameras or alarm systems, provide an added layer of protection against potential threats. A robust door, made from durable materials, can deter unwanted visitors and give residents peace of mind. High-quality locks are another essential; they ensure that once the door is shut, it stays shut.

Kitchen Makeovers

A kitchen is a central space where families gather, meals are prepared, and memories are made. Because of its importance, any improvements made to this space can greatly impact a property’s desirability.

For instance, granite countertops are both durable and visually appealing, making them a popular choice among renters. They’re resistant to heat, scratches, and stains, ensuring they last for years.

Moreover, modern cabinets, with sleek designs and ample storage, can transform the entire look of a kitchen, making it more functional and stylish. 


Renovating a rental property requires strategic decisions to maximize returns. Understanding local preferences, like what renters want, is essential.

Upgrades in key areas, like the kitchen and bathroom, can significantly elevate property appeal.

Additionally, aesthetics like fresh paint and modern flooring play a crucial role in making a space inviting. Smart renovations, tailored to modern demands, can turn a regular property into a sought-after rental home.