Many modern homes lack the charm and character of traditional properties. Square and formulaic, the rooms can feel cold, uninviting, and void of personality, but nothing is stopping you from breathing new life into your interior.

If you want to create a stylish sanctuary to retire to each night, there are some elements you would be smart to add to your interior. Learn about the architectural details that will transform a dull bedroom. 

Boost Visual Interest with Wooden Beams

Like many homeowners, you might have taken the time to pick a calming color scheme, a stylish bed frame, and high-quality bed linens. Plus, you may even have spent your days perfecting your comfort, such as adding an extra firm mattress to your bed. Yet, despite your best attempts to make the bedroom appear stylish and comfortable, something might be missing, and it might be architectural interest.

If you suspect this is the case, you can increase visual interest by adding wooden beams to your bedroom ceiling. Dark wood will warm up a room in an instant while adding a touch of heritage and character. Guaranteed chunky wooden beams will draw the eye when giving your guests a tour of your beautiful home.

Add Wainscoting or VJ Paneling for Heritage

Boost a bedroom’s charm and wow factor by adding wainscoting panels to the walls. It can be achieved by gluing square boxes and a dado rail onto the walls before painting. Alternatively, you could add architectural interest by adding VJ paneling, which are vertical wallboards that can adorn the bottom half or three-quarters of the wall. Each option will give a room a historic vibe while softening the space. 

Treat Yourself to a Traditional Fireplace

A traditional fireplace will create a cozy, welcoming interior that will make you want to close the door and curl up by a roaring fire. It is bound to work in harmony with other architectural elements on this list, ensuring it doesn’t look out of place in your bedroom. A fireplace could serve as a beautiful focal point and provide the perfect finishing touch to your interior.

Make a Good First Impression with Ornate Door Frames

Turn your bedroom door into a grand entrance by installing ornamental door frames. For instance, you could soften the door with a defined arch that will make people want to take a peek inside the master bedroom. The decorative frame will create a positive first impression of a room before a guest has even stepped inside, and it will work in harmony with wooden beams, wainscoting, and a traditional fireplace, to name a few architectural details.

Emphasize Height with a Ceiling Rose

A gorgeous ceiling rose can transform a room in many ways. The elegant medallion will draw the eye, helping to emphasize your bedroom’s height and ensuring people notice a beautiful light fixture, such as a chandelier or pendant. Also, a gorgeous Victorian-inspired design will appear effortlessly elegant while adding a hint of heritage and texture to your traditional or modern bedroom.

Make an Impact with Crown Molding

Crown molding is simple to install and will make a big difference to a room’s interior design. The ornate wooden border will sit atop your bedroom wall where it meets the ceiling, creating a more sophisticated space that will make you fall more in love with your home.

Often painted white, the fresh wood will stand out against other hues in your color scheme while coordinating with architectural elements in your bedroom, such as a beautiful ceiling rose or an ornamental door frame.

Draw the Eye Upwards with Long Curtains

Your window treatments can emphasize your property’s architecture or create the illusion of tall ceilings. For instance, hang long curtains near the top of the ceiling or crown molding and stop before it touches the floor. It will create a grand space that feels more spacious and inviting. However, choose your curtains wisely, as they can determine the amount of light that flows into the room. 

Alter the Atmosphere with More Natural Light

Most architects understand the importance of welcoming as much natural light into a property as possible. After all, it can affect a home’s visual appeal, function, and atmosphere. If your bedroom feels dark and dreary, you must find ways to welcome more natural light.

For instance, you could consider installing a larger window or skylight to encourage sunlight to flow through the room each day. Also, you could swap thick, dark curtains for light, sheer options to enjoy an airy, spacious environment.

Change Your Interior Door

There is no reason to settle for doors you don’t love across the home. The design you pick will determine people’s first impression of your bedroom and will complement or detract from its interior design. As many shapes, styles, and colors are available nowadays, you are bound to find an option that suits your property and taste and works in harmony with your bedroom’s aesthetic.

For example, if you want to create a rustic, homely environment that is bursting with character and charm, you will never regret replacing a boring, standard door with a sliding barn door. It will make people’s jaw drop from the moment they step inside the room while giving your bedroom a splash of personality.


If you have fallen out of love with your bedroom, or something feels missing despite giving it a makeover, you will not regret improving its architectural details. The likes of crown molding, ceiling roses, and ornamental door frames will create a more elegant space that is full of personality and texture. Plus, you can trust many people will fall in love with the heritage details if or when you put your home back on the market, which might help you sell the property at a faster pace and for a higher sum. A few clever tweaks and changes will transform a bedroom’s interior and atmosphere, encouraging you to head straight to your comfortable retreat each time you return home after a long, hard day.