Dubai is the city of luxury living with its stylish architecture and its people are known for having a penchant for home & business decor. The best interior decor element that every Dubai resident pays attention to these days is the flooring. What better type is there than luxury vinyl flooring; a cost-effective popular floor treatment? Today, we will discuss 7 trending types of luxury vinyl flooring in Dubai for both commercial & residential floor treatments. Keep on reading to choose your ideal luxury vinyl flooring.

What Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Before getting into the trending types of vinyl flooring, let us tell you what this new revolutionary flooring type is. Vinyl flooring has been a game changer in the flooring industry due to its immense durability, long life, and low prices for great style. It’s not like your ordinary vinyl floors; instead, it features natural wood or stone appearances with high resilience of vinyl. Focusing on multiple-layer construction, the first protective layer resists wear & tear, then a second hi-def photographic layer for sheen, and finally a third backing layer for stable footing.

Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is Ideal For Floors In Dubai?

We all know that Dubai is just built differently; we are talking about its climate. The heat is intense and the surroundings are humid all the time. Any luxury flooring should be able to resist all these temperature fluctuations and look amazing. LVF does just that with features like:

  • Water resistance for moisture-prone areas
  • Needs minimal maintenance & cleaning
  • Offers diverse designs for every space
  • Feels soft underfoot like a stone or wood tile

7 Trending Types Of Luxury Vinyl Floor

At, you can find the 7 most trending types of luxury vinyl flooring—all made from high-end materials. They are available at amazing discounted prices and accompanying floor installation services.

1.   SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) Flooring

SPC flooring is popular because of its rigidity as a flooring solution. It features a core layer made from limestone mixed with stabilizers, which gives it a highly impact-resistant surface. With a protective wear-and-tear shield, your floors will remain scratch—and stain-free. The high-definition photographic layer gives it a desired stone or wood look. The final backing layer provides walking comfort with ideal sound insulation. SPC flooring is suited for both residential spaces like homes and commercial ones like offices and restaurants.

2.   LVT (luxury Vinyl Tile) Flooring

With LVT flooring, you buy a versatile design, style, and appearance treatment. LVT comes in tiles featuring a ceramic or stone tile appearance. LVT is constructed with a clear protective layer, a hi-def design layer, and a stable backing layer with a PVC core. This combo of layer and flexible core makes LVT flooring easy to install via a variety of floor installation techniques.

The easy-to-install method makes LVT flooring an ideal fit for residential areas like living rooms and commercial spaces like cafes, boutiques, and offices.

3.   LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) Flooring

LVP flooring is made to mimic the warm look of natural wooden floors. With its wear & tear layer, photographic film layer, and a cushioned backing layer in a PVC core, luxury vinyl plank flooring is highly durable yet stylish.

LVP offers benefits like water, scratch, and stain resistance, making it the right fit for areas with high foot traffic for commercial & residential spaces.

4.   WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Flooring

WPC flooring features the strength of both plastic and wood for comfortable and durable floor treatment. The core layer is made from wood and plastic for a stable, rigid surface. The wear layer offers protection against scratches and stains. Get the custom high-definition design layer to mimic stone or wood appearances.

Due to its waterproof nature, WPC is ideal for moisture-prone areas. It can also be installed in the kitchen and bathroom. Thermal insulation keeps temperatures under control.

5.   Anti-bacterial Vinyl Flooring

This flooring solution is treated with special antibacterial material to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. This additional hygiene-centric layer makes it suitable for places that prioritize cleanliness. Other than this anti-bacterial layer, you get a strong wearing layer, a backing layer and a PVC core.

Due to its high durability, antibacterial vinyl flooring is widely used by hospitals, schools, and food preparation facilities in Dubai.

6.   Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl sheet floors are a cost-effective flooring solution for large living spaces. The durable wear & tear layer, a stable backing layer, and a single-length design pattern layer make it a great choice for many in Dubai. With a seamless installation of these vinyl sheets, you can remain worry-free from moisture concerns making it ideal to be installed even in commercial laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

7.   PVC Vinyl Flooring

PVC vinyl flooring is still one of the trendiest flooring options because of its affordability and diverse styles. The construction of PVC vinyl floors gives it a highly durable wear & tear layer, a design layer, and a cushioned backing layer with a flexible PVC core.

With its moisture, stain, and scratch resistance, PVC flooring is ideal for most of Dubai’s residential and commercial floors. To enhance the interior decor, you can choose from a variety of patterns and styles, according to your aesthetic needs.

Where To Buy Luxury Vinyl Floor?

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  • Their team has experience with all flooring types and offers guidance for the selection process.
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If you are looking up catalogs for new flooring or remodeling your floors, luxury vinyl flooring is the right choice. It’s a perfect blend of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal and proves to be the right fit for commercial and residential spaces in Dubai.