With spring cleaning, staycations, and out-of-town guests, it’s no surprise that people spend more time on home renovations during the spring and summer than any other season. But what if you’re not in the market (or the mood) to tackle a massive project

No problem! In this post, we’ll provide a few suggestions for things you can do to refresh, renew, and revitalize your digs, with plenty of time left over to enjoy the finished product!

Put a Fresh Coat of Paint on Shutters and Trim

Everyone could use a little pick-me-up after a long winter season when the days are short, the nights are long, and the weather’s not ideal. Your home’s exterior is no exception! 

Summer is the perfect time to begin your renovation ideas from the outside in. Freshen up the details on your facade by repainting or staining and pressure washing your driveway and walkways. You’ll be amazed at the impact just those few chores will make.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Entertaining Space

The deck, patio, or backyard are ideal hangout spots in many homes when the weather gets warmer, so upgrading your outdoor space is an ideal project. 

Adding a fun fire pit table and plenty of comfortable seating upgrades creates an inviting environment for entertaining guests. Adding fresh container plants with colorful foliage and revising your outdoor lighting arrangements can refresh a space with minimal effort.

If you don’t have one already, installing a simple shaded magnetic screen on your patio/balcony door is a quick and easy way to connect your indoor space with your outdoor space during the cooler parts of the day. If you’re hosting a cocktail or dinner party, your guests can transition indoors and out without constantly opening the door.

An overhead awning just over the patio door is a great way to provide shade and cool off the area, too. 

Bring the Outside In

Suppose you live in an apartment home without a balcony or yard? In that case, there are ways to bring in echoes of the outside by cultivating an indoor herb garden, growing some window veggies, or sprinkling houseplants around your living areas. 

And colorful greenery isn’t just cheerful; there are plenty of houseplant varieties that actually help clean the air inside!

Revamp Your Window Dressings

Summertime brings long days and intense sun, so finding curtains designed to protect your home’s interior from harsh sunlight is a must. Luckily, you don’t have to keep your heavy blackout curtains closed all day to accomplish this! 

There are breezy, lightweight curtain fabrics available that provide plenty of UV protection while still letting in the natural light you want to brighten up your space!

For a more summertime feel, migrate from warm fall colors to cool colors and botanical prints. It’s also easy to use accessories like curtain ties and hanging hardware to punch it up or crafty extras like hanging artificial flowers or beads fixed to fishing wire for a more feminine vibe.

Seeking advice from a window treatment expert like Bumble Bee Blinds in South Austin, TX for the ideal summer window dressing is a smart move to beat the heat. These specialists can recommend lightweight and breathable fabrics that allow air circulation while providing shade, keeping your home cool and comfortable. Their expertise ensures you choose window treatments that strike the right balance between style, functionality, and keeping the summer heat at bay, creating a refreshing and enjoyable living space during the warmer months.

Switch up Your Rugs and Wall Décor to Reflect the Season

Like window treatments, accessories like rugs and wall decor can fade into the background after a while. We often walk right by without giving them too much thought, yet they can have the most impact on the overall mood of a home.   

Take stock of your home accents and consider switching up your rugs and wall art for something brighter and more summery. Chances are, you could add some botanical, tropical, or even nautical/beachy-themed accents to your decor. 

Declutter and Brighten up Your Guest Room

Often, summertime is the best time for vacations to visit family and friends! Get your guest room ready for visitors with a new coat of paint, new bedding, or fresh wall art! Tidy up and clean out the closets so your guest room will be in tip-top shape when they come to stay. 

Rethink Your Lighting Fixtures

There’s no substitute for natural lighting to make a home airier and more inviting. Summer brings all that gorgeous illumination for longer periods, but what about when the sun goes down? If you’ve been living with the same lighting fixtures forever, consider an upgrade! 

In addition to wall sconces, chandeliers, and bathroom lighting, take stock of where you could use a floor lamp or table lamps to complement the shifting daylight patterns in the house. 

Enjoy the Sunshine!

For some of us, tackling a vast list of chores around the house is the last thing we want to do with our summer months. We created this list with that in mind. The ideas you’ll find here are hassle-free and pressure-free, allowing you to enjoy the process in your own time and bask in the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when the work is done!

Happy renovating

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