For most of us, irrespective of where we’re living currently, we always seek ways in which we can make our home more comfortable. This can be because of an increase in the family size (a new-born, relative or even a house worker being added to the family) or a decision to create an office space in your home. All these make us crave for more space or even lighting.  Moving to a new house that fits our desire is always an option- but it can be quite expensive. An alternate cost-effective approach is to extend your current house with some home extension ideas.

There exist a plethora of ways to achieve these home extension ideas from rear to roof extensions, a little adjustment to some corners in your house to create more space, like an installation of a Juliette balcony or dormer window. Working with mezzanine floors and other ceiling adjustments are also perfect for aesthetics and structural integrity.

Home extension ideas

This article aims to show you 11 brilliant home extension ideas that can be applied to extend your home and would surely fit into your available space and budget.

11 Home extension Ideas

Front Porches

In most property, there are usually more plots at the back. But if you’re fortunate to have lots of plots at the front, why not take advantage of that to include a front porch.

It is not unusual for narrow entrances to get choked up with shoes and coat. By including a front porch, you get to create additional storage space for your footwear and coats. The new entrance door also enhances security and also prevents heat loss from the house.

Side Extensions

Extending your home backward can be quite challenging especially if you have small space at the back.

However, you might have a long, thin space on the sides of your property that is mostly neglected but can be a great way to increase your home space if you take advantage of it.

Richard Soto with VIP Realty, says it is important to note that you have to apply for a permit for such an extension. The advice can be gotten from your council on prevalent restrictions on such extensions. As a rule of thumb, you can check your neighborhood to see how side extensions are being done.

This new space can be used as a seating area, dining room or even an open- plan kitchen- dining- living room. This would definitely add drama to your space and satisfaction.

Dormer Windows

Having an appropriate ceiling height in your loft space is perfect for the inclusion of a dormer. A dormer is a smaller extension which serves to increase the room lighting and also improve head height.

In most areas, a rear dormer is legal and so easy to get permission for- unless of course you have a listed property or live in a conservative area. In situations where dormers are restricted, Velux Windows will work the same magic. This might also require permission, so you are advised to verify with your council or local architect.

Dormer windows

Full-Width dormer windows

By completely changing a rear sloping roof into a full- width dormer, you create far more space compared to just a dormer window.

How big? Big enough for a bedroom, storage space or even a new staircase inclusion. Bigger dormer invariably means more height space gained by your loft.

Full dormer windows

Juliette Balconies

Juliette balconies give you that further extension providing more space and even enhanced lighting. They give you a better view of your surroundings when compared to the dormer window. They are perfect for your bedrooms in particular as it gives you that splendid view of your neighborhood.

Rear Extensions

A rear extension is commonly used because it adds substantial value and space compared with other types of extensions. It can be built under permitted development regulations of which you have to apply for it. To ensure that space is used optimally, it is advisable to involve your architect in the building process.

Rear Extension London

Rear extensions range in style from traditional to contemporary and can be used to enhance your dining space and even kitchen. Aside from the increased space, a rear extension can be used to beautify a home, especially when a contemporarily styled extension is used on a traditional building. This twist gives the building a unique aesthetic.

Two-Story extensions

Extending the ground and the first floor of your house simultaneously can be a great decision to take if your budget allows it. It adds tremendous space to your house-space that can be used for a bedroom or even an office. The best part is that is it very economical as opposed to building a new house to meet your rising space demand.

Two story extension

However, getting permission for a two-story extension comes with its own set of challenges. It would be invaluable for you to have an experienced architect design the plan.

A two-story extension is very flexible and can be modified to give different designs. For example, if your two-story extension is facing the backyard, you can use the roof of the ground floor as a roof terrace. This surely beautifies your home and adds value to your property.

Removing Ceilings

In most terraced houses, the room at the back of the top floor usually has a sloping roof and a low ceiling.  Why not remove the ceiling and take advantage of an additional height gain? The space created might not be adequate for a storage room because of the height but is surely fit for a kitchen or dining room when adequate lighting is put in place.

Removing ceiling


Buildings with ultra-high ceilings can be used to create a mezzanine level. If you’re fortunate enough to live in such a house, it’s actually a good idea to divide the internal ceiling space into two especially if each half is above 2 meters. The space created can be a perfect spot for a new bedroom or even a TV area.

Building Mezzanines definitely require structural design.  However, is far cheaper in comparison to extending your property for the same gain of space.

Mezzanines London

Regulations as regard construction are light considering you’re not in a listed property. This is because it’s an internal alteration, but it’s important to stick to prevalent building regulations.

Most houses can’t be divided this way. However, places with unusually large space like converted churches offer endless possibilities of creative ways to make brilliant use of the space.

Small Basement Extensions

A small basement extension is a good and cost-effective way to create more space.

Structural design is required, however, planning permission might not. It’s recommended to clarify the requirements by asking your council.

It is important to note that extending a larger part of your house can be very costly.

Consider Backyard Shed as Extension

If you’re looking for a versatile and practical solution to extend your home without major construction, consider incorporating a shed into your property. Sheds can serve a multitude of purposes, from additional storage space to a home office, or even a cozy retreat. Craftcamp™ offers over 100 DIY shed plans with detailed instructions and material lists, making it easier to find a design that suits your needs. Whether you prefer a traditional gable shed, a lean-to design, these plans provide step-by-step guidance to help you build the perfect extension to your home

Portable Shed

A portable shed offers versatile storage solutions for various needs. These compact structures are designed to be easily transported and set up, making them ideal for temporary storage or as a mobile workspace. Whether used for storing garden tools, outdoor equipment, or as a shelter for small animals, portable sheds provide convenience and flexibility. Their durable construction ensures protection from the elements while offering quick access to stored items whenever needed. From DIY enthusiasts to commercial contractors, portable sheds offer a convenient solution for organizing and protecting belongings on the go.

Roof Garden Extension

Do you live in a city where open spaces are scarce? Also, has this deprived you of either a garden or an outside space? A roof garden extension is exactly what you need. It is, however challenging to get a planning permit, but it’s definitely worth considering.

balcony extension

If you’re lucky and your architect is able to get the planning permit, it will surely give your house that unique and florid view, adding value to your home.