The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our day-to-day operations. There are no daily commutes anymore and companies have temporarily closed their offices. Schools are also encouraging students to take online classes and learn from home. A research study conducted by Upwork found out that 22 percent of the workforce in America will be working remotely in the next five years. This will be an increase of 87 percent of remote workers before the pandemic. Since our lifestyle has changed, renovation projects will likely change too. In this post, we are going to discuss the top five home renovation ideas that will take over the world in 2021. We also show you how you can incorporate them into your space. Let’s start now!

Defining home renovation ideas

Home renovation or home remodeling involves improving a damaged, outdated, or broken residential structure to make it pleasing to the eye or increase its functionality. The rapid technological advancements have had a huge effect on home renovation especially when it comes to the planning stage. Thanks to home renovation software, architects, interior designers, and homeowners can work together in the creation of designs and make critical changes before any work has been done. This technology ensures that professionals have a platform where they can share their vision with clients who tend to have little knowledge when it comes to technical issues. And also give them a chance to see how their space will look once the home renovation process is complete.

Home renovation ideas

Have you been looking for ways to increase the value of your property? Maybe you want to sell your house or you are looking forward to becoming a new homeowner. There are lots of great inexpensive ways to renovate your home. Before renovating your home, there are various aspects that you need to put into consideration. You may need to hire a contractor, calculate the total costs and learn how to convert the best home renovation ideas into reality. Figuring out the ideal home renovation ideas that will greatly benefit your space is one of the most important elements that you need to put into consideration.

1.      A new life to rooms

At the moment, everyone’s focus is on designing the recreational or entertainment room. This is new because the majority of people focused on renovating the family rooms over the years. The pandemic has taught millions of people to maximize the use of the spaces they spend most of their time in. Due to this, most homeowners have made the most out of the design opportunities available by seeking advice on the rooms in their homes that they can give new life. Remodeling your basement is a great way to create a functional recreational room. Some of the things that people are highly investing in include full-home bars, in-home theatres, climbing walls, and golf simulators. It’s quite interesting to see how clients and designers are getting creative with converting garages to home gyms and guest rooms to fully functional entertainment rooms.

2.      Remote work sanctuaries

Millions of workers have been working remotely since the pandemic started. And experts have predicted that we should expect to see a larger demand for workspace renovation in people’s homes. Most people are converting guest bedrooms and other bonus spaces into functional home offices. The focus of remote workers is on the creation of functional spaces that are good for work and living purposes. They are investing in furniture that they can use for work and move away when they do not need it. People are spending countless hours designing workspaces that maximize motivation, concentration, and productivity. Various aspects such as colors, furniture, decoration, and location have a huge impact on your physical and mental state. Scientifically tests show that bright lighting tends to create a feeling of pleasure while ambient sounds boost focus. Low air quality can also decrease productivity levels.

3.      Go green

Most people are incorporating green solutions and initiatives. They do this not only to improve the quality of their lives but also to help in solving the climate crisis. The government and various stakeholders in the private sector have been encouraging people to use solar power, harvest rainwater, and take HVAC upgrades. Also, people are planting more trees in their backyards and investing in indoor plants for clean and fresh air. Since most people will be working from home in the coming years, you should expect to see the addition of both indoor and outdoor plants and green technology to conserve energy.

4.      Space for multigenerational households

Another trend that has been on the rise this year is homeowners creating multigenerational households. This is where we have two different homes under one roof. Families are not only shifting their dynamics; rather,  they are also allowing themselves to monetize their space for Airbnb leasing and long-term rentals.

Homeowners have witnessed the power of backyard casitas and ADU. And they are going a step ahead by incorporating modular solutions. This not only saves time but also eliminates the need for large-scale construction. Such construction is often disrupting and chaotic especially in residential areas.

5.      Kitchen island upgrade

The kitchen island gives you an additional storage area, counter space, and extra space for seating. One of the best ways to improve your kitchen design is by adding more racks above the counter. Such counters can have proper shelves for glasses. You should also add electrical outlets as you remodel your kitchen on the island and improve functionality. Patterns add texture and backsplash to your room. Depending on your cabinetry condition, you can consider painting them to improve their looks while saving money.

6.      Bonus Tip: Create extra usable space

Another great idea for remodeling your home is by creating extra usable space through design optimization and your existing furniture. Homeowners with a deck can consider adding a bar rail to create an additional bench for eating space outdoors. This also creates extra storage space and countertop that improves the looks of your home. This is especially important if you are on a budget. The reason being that you are creating more space with products that you already have.

Final on home renovation ideas

Whether you want to build your own house or renovate your home, you can use the above designs and ideas.  Therefore to get more renovation ideas, you must work with the experts and use home renovation software. This piece of technology comes with world-class design templates.  These templates will bring home renovations in different areas of your house such as the kitchen, home office, and outdoor spaces. So, you can filter the themes and styles as you browse to find what works for you.


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