Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a popular topic nowadays. It allows machines to perform tasks in a humanlike manner. AI can simplify several business processes and contribute to the bottom line when exploited strategically.

When it comes to logo making, AI is also making waves. AI can help establish and strengthen brands by replicating conventional ways of creating unique and compelling logos.

With AI logo generators, businesses will no longer need a professional designer. They can create logos for free, and for premium features, you can pay as low as US$20 up to almost US$200. Thus, it allows them to save more time and money. Also, they can easily edit and customize them immediately whenever necessary. But how to create a logo using AI?

This article will help you to learn how to create a unique logo using artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Start By Providing Company Details

AI logo makers require you to provide business details, such as the company name, slogan, business type, and industry. Some apps may also ask you for a brief description of how your business works or what it does. You can easily enter these pieces of information using an AI logo maker with a simple interface. However, if you still need to learn how the AI logo maker works, check and click the ‘How It Works’ button. 

  • Pick Your Style

After providing all the necessary details, the AI logo generator will allow you to pick your preferred design elements, such as the logo style. Style is important when making a logo. The right style usually depends on the nature of your business and your company culture. Here are the five types of logo styles:

  • Wordmarks

Wordmarks consist of only a text or name. Therefore, you need to focus on your logo’s fonts and typography. This type of logo is minimalistic, yet it makes your brand look unique and clear-cut. Furthermore, you will be less likely to change the design more frequently because you want to increase brand recognition by highlighting your brand name. Most businesses that use this type of logo are accounting and law firms.

  • Letter Marks

Letter mark logos make you look mysterious, so they can encourage your audience to learn more about your business. They are mainly text but only involve letters and initials. The engineering, food, retail, and beauty sectors often use this style.

  • Combination Marks

This type of logo is a combination of icons and images. Many corporations use this style because it can hook the audience’s attention by sharing the brand’s message loud and clear. Logos having only graphics may cause confusion, and text logos can be tedious and lack creativity. So it’s better to combine these to have increased brand recognition.

  • Abstract Logos

If you opt for a modern look for your logo, abstract logos are perfect. These logos are ideal for organizations that want to relay a strong message about the brand. The following industries use this type of logo: information technology, e-commerce, and finance.

  • Emblems

Emblems offer a traditional look. They are a combination of text, symbols, or images. Like abstract logos, they can convey a strong message about your business. Automobile and security and investigation sectors typically use this logotype.

Tips: In choosing a style, focus on telling a story about your brand, and always consider your target audience. Go for a logotype that offers features and additional details about your venture. However, when your target is the younger generation, consider using a minimalist design, which is known to be more popular with them.

  • Select The Right Fonts

Fonts are vital to influencing the perception of your audience toward your business. Therefore, it is smart to familiarize yourself with different font styles. By specifying the fonts you prefer, you’re helping the AI logo maker to understand your business better.

The following are the elements of all font styles:

  • Serif

The serif is a small decorative stroke extending from a larger stroke in a letter. Serif fonts—like Georgia, Baskerville, and Times New Roman—are ideal if your business wants to convey a sophisticated image. This is commonly used by finance and accounting firms. 

  • Sans Serif

Compared to serif fonts, sans serif is a more readable typeface. They are visible in different resolutions. That’s why most brands use this. Moreover, using this type of font, you can maintain a minimalist and modern look for the logo. Examples of sans serif fonts are Helvetica and Verdana.

  • Handwritten

These fonts have the characteristic abandon of print and cursive handwriting. They offer you a more personalized appearance. That’s why childcare, religion, and spirituality centers use this font type.

  • Script

Script and handwritten fonts are sometimes used interchangeably. But these two have their key difference. Script fonts mimic the traditional cursive style. The script element in a letter can make your logo look unique, creative, or elegant. This helps your business to stand out against your competitors. It’s popular in arts, crafts, music, and show businesses.

  • Choose The Appropriate Color

According to, 80% of consumers believe that colors increase brand awareness and recognition, and almost 85% patronize products and services based on the brand’s colors. Hence, this indicates that colors are vital in establishing your brand.

Colors can set an impression about the nature of your business. Here is how people usually perceive certain colors:

  • Blue: Blue offers a calming and soothing effect for the audience. Moreover, information technology, finance, and construction companies use this color. They want to convey that their services are reliable and secure.
  • Red: The food industry usually uses this as it conveys excitement and energy.
  • Yellow: This is usually used by the transportation and home improvement sectors as it brings happiness and warmth.
  • White: White represents purity and sophistication. Jewelry and fashion brands often use this.
  • Pink: Pink is also used in fashion and beauty as it can exude femininity and fun.

Before choosing colors, you must first learn and understand the psychology of colors. Then deliberate on the kind of emotion you want to share with your target audience. Also, remember that every logo has a maximum of three colors only.

  • Choose The AI-Generated Logo And Customize

After choosing all your preferred design elements, click the ‘Make the Logo’ or ‘Generate Logo’ button to proceed. AI logo makers will generate different logos based on your input. They analyze the information to provide the appropriate logo template for your brand.

You only need to wait a few seconds for the AI logo maker to generate templates. Also, you can click the ‘Load More’ option to check out all the AI-generated logos. Pick a template and click the ‘Preview’ button. This is to check your logo’s appearance.

You can always edit the design if you’re unsatisfied with the outcome. You only have to click the ‘Customization Dashboard’ or ‘Editing Tools’ button. With a template, you can easily alter the design of your logo.

  • Download Your Logo

After finalizing your design, you can save it in various formats, e.g., JPEG, EPS, SVG, PNG, and other vector file formats. Then after saving it, you can download a high-resolution logo file.


A logo is essential because it represents the story and image of a brand. Nowadays, AI is starting to change the game of logo design. Because AI generators are affordable, convenient, and flexible, they will most likely become more popular in the coming years.

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