Although every business should do what it can to improve workplace safety, some work environments simply cannot be 100% safe and risk-free. 

Let’s take construction as the prime example. Although workplaces can offer protective wear and ensure they follow legislation, accidents can still occur due to mistakes. Whether you are running a structural engineering skyscraper project or a house extension, there are many instances where things can go wrong.

If you do work in construction and sustain an injury due to a workplace error, here is what you need to do.

First things first, go to hospital

The first thing you need to do when you have sustained an injury at your construction site is to seek immediate medical help.

Whether your injury is minor or major it is essential that you go to the hospital straight away as a medical expert assesses your injury and helps you seek the right treatment. Then, you can be on your way to good health and ensure that you do not pursue any further health complications.

Reach out to an experienced lawyer

Next, you will want to reach out to an experienced lawyer as they will ensure that you can obtain the compensation that you deserve.

It is advised to seek help from a legal expert with the right experience and portfolio. Getting in touch with a construction accident lawyer will ensure that your injury will be dealt with without you paying the fees and anything you do pay for will be reimbursed by your employer. Plus, you can seek compensation and ensure that you are paid for any time you need to take off. 

A lawyer will guarantee to manage your issues and stresses after being involved in a workplace accident, so you can focus on recovery.

Maintain communication with your doctor and obtain a medical note 

Once you have been to the hospital to seek treatment and help with any injury you have sustained it is important to keep in contact with your doctor as they will regularly assess you and ensure that you are fit to go back to work at the right time.

A doctor will also issue you with a medical note so you can have the recommended time off work.

Ask your employer for time off depending on doctors’ orders

With a medical note in hand, it is advised to ask your employer for time off.

Whether you have sustained a big or small injury, you are eligible for time off work due to experiencing an issue in the workplace that wasn’t your fault. 

Getting paid for your time off 

Another step you must take in order to successfully handle a construction injury is to get paid for your time off. It is not fair or legal for your employer to not pay you or pay you a percentage of your salary. 

You are entitled to full pay, which your lawyer can help you obtain if your employer is trying to be tricky. With a medical note, you can be paid fully for any length of time you have off due to the workplace incident.