Your basement is a very important part of your home. It needs to be taken care of so that it does not get damaged as a result of water flooding. If the basement leaks even without any flooding, you need to repair it for better functioning. As such, water damage restoration is a key thing that you should always consider when thinking about repairs and maintenance work in your basement. Now, what are the signs that your basement needs restorative services for leaks? In this article, we shall consider this.

Here are tips to help you know that your basement needs restorative services:

1.       Presence of efflorescence

This is a chalky white substance that consists of minerals and is found in water, concrete, and soil. It is not poisonous but the presence of this substance on the basement is an indication of leakage and it means moisture has intruded the basement. When you notice this substance, it is a clear indication that the basement needs restorative services.

2.       Mold

Mold growth is another indication that there is a moisture problem in your basement. For this reason, you will notice a musty smell in the basement. Remember that mold is a hazard to your health and as such, you need to have the issue of leakage in the basement sorted out as a permanent solution.

3.       Cracks in the Floor

This is another clear indication that your basement is leaking. This is a problem with the foundation and with this in mind, you will understand that the cracks are a result of the leaks. It can also be an indication of the problem with the foundation settlement. You will therefore need to have this issue looked into by a professional so that the right restorative services can be carried out.

4.       Walls have cracks

When the basement walls leak, this is a result of water exerting pressure against the foundation of the basement. With the pressure, water will leak through the walls finally to the floor of the basement. When you notice this problem, this is an indication that your basement needs restorative work done on it so there is no leaking.

5.       Bowed Walls

Basement walls will bow inwards when they face excessive pressure. Water draining near the foundation means that the soil will exert pressure against the walls of the foundation. This is a clear sign that there is leakage on the foundation hence the bowed walls. When you notice this problem, it means you need to have it corrected through restorative work.

6.       Basement windows have water lines

This is yet another sign of trouble. If you notice water lines on the windows of the basement, it means that water has entered the basement. This could be water from sprinklers, snow, or rain. Compromised water wells are also another source of leakages to the basement. When you notice this, then it is the right time for you to do restorative work. All the above are some of the signs that your basement has leakage or water problems. These can significantly reduce the lifespan of the home and should be corrected as soon as possible.