Making good remodeling decisions based on your family’s lifestyle can be challenging, especially if you have kids or pets. Multi-generational households may also prove to be difficult to work with. Remodeling will disrupt your routines and create a little bit of chaos. Get prepared and plan accordingly with these tips on remodeling your home.

Renovation Season

Whether you stay in your home while you remodel or temporarily relocate, you’ll want to pick the best season for your remodel. Spring and summer are typically the best seasons for renovations if you have children.

Not only are their routines already out of whack, but there aren’t any major holidays to plan around in spring and summer. Thanksgiving and Christmas may be challenging for your family if you’re renovating your home. The weather during these months is also not as friendly to remodels and can cause unnecessary stress.

Your climate can also affect your remodel. If you live in a more dry and hot climate, you’ll want to ensure you have the appropriate building materials. Warmer climates require more attic ventilation to protect the wood and regulate temperature. Paint colors can also be taken into consideration concerning the climate. Lighter colors don’t absorb as much heat as darker colors.

Plan Ahead

Planning a remodel can be time-consuming and a little overwhelming. Consider how your kids’ schedules and routines will be affected and plan accordingly. You want to ensure they feel safe and secure amidst the chaos of construction.

Don’t base your remodeling decisions on their age right now, although that can be hard, especially if you’re trying to make them part of the process. Renovating a home is not cheap and you want to ensure you’re not going to have to amend the process in a few short years.

Those beautiful hardwood floors might be screaming your name, but what about your pet that sheds mountains of hair daily? Consider these factors when making these tough decisions. To make your life easier, consider getting carpet installed instead. Carpet is much easier to clean with pets and children who are bound to make a mess. Even some pet-friendly and child-proof options are available to protect your home from destruction by your babies and fur babies alike.

Create Zones

Creating zones is especially helpful in multi-generational homes. Make space for everyone to dwell comfortably during the renovations and afterward. Ensure you plan to create enough privacy for everyone who resides in the shared living space after renovations are complete. Consider adding an extra door that allows access outside for your additional guests. Adding more plumbing to create a private bathroom or kitchen might also be a game changer.

Make it fun for the kids by incorporating them into minor projects during the remodel. If you have young children, consider getting them some toy tools to make them feel like they are part of the process. This will help them understand a little more about what is happening around them and why their lives are different now.

A designated space with their belongings can also help your kids play safely and keep them distracted from their uprooted schedule. Bigger kids can help by sharing their opinions on purchase decisions and hitting or coloring on walls that you will demolish during the renovation process.

Meal Prep

You will long for a sense of normalcy during kitchen renovations, like a home-cooked meal. Prepare and stash some meal prep options for such instances. There are numerous ways you can meal prep, so knowing how to start planning is vital to a kitchen remodel unless you want to fork out some serious cash eating out all the time.

Create a weekly schedule for your meals by planning to have a few meal options in rotation. If possible, move some small appliances to a safe space you can still utilize during construction. An alternate area that you might consider is your garage or living room. It may not be ideal, but it will do the trick to ensure your family eats and stays on a budget until your renovations are complete.

Invest in some paper plates and plastic cutlery during your remodel. They may not be eco-friendly, but the water you waste doing dishes in your bathroom sink isn’t, either. Pick your poison.

You will be grateful for the easy cleanup since remodels can be exhausting. The lack of structure during renovations can get on every last one of your nerves. Prepare for the headaches by planning your meals ahead of time. Smoothie packets and soups that can be heated and served can be your best options.

Safety Precautions

Safety precautions you should consider can be amplified when you have kids, pets, or grandparents living in your home. Ensure the contractor you hire uses nontoxic chemicals as much as possible, especially if you stay in your home throughout the process.

Safety should always come first and you may rely on your contractor to enforce these safety regulations. Ensure you’re on the same page before construction begins. Consider using temporary walls to block off the renovations.

If your contractor doesn’t typically use them, invest in providing some for them to use to protect your family. Ensure that you close and seal off rooms when you can. Turn off your ventilation system to prevent the spread of dust particles throughout your home. Dust will layer everything no matter how hard you try to avoid it. You can limit its spread, though.

Have your home checked for lead paint so it can be dealt with properly if you have an older house. Lead paint is toxic and has many harmful effects on your health. Lead poisoning can lead to many health problems, especially in the older generations. Nontoxic paint should be utilized as often as possible during your renovation to ensure safety and to contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Make Informed Remodeling Decisions

Remodeling decisions can be as challenging as building a home from scratch. Many underestimate the significance of planning for renovation disruptions in their daily lives. You can’t afford to take that chance when you have pets, kids, or a multigenerational home. Plan well and utilize these tips to ensure your family has smooth sailing during your home renovation.