As a business, it’s usually our responsibility to ensure that everything goes right when our customer places an order. We have to ensure that the product is working correctly, that it’s in stock, and that we get the shipping address and packaging just right so that it arrives in one piece for our customers. Unfortunately, there are a few parts of this process that are outside of our control.

One of the worst business problems you can face is shipping issues. Logistics are often outside of our control because most companies can’t afford to hire in-house couriers and delivery operatives. This is why we need to rely on third parties to help us. But how can we prevent shipping issues that are outside of our control? Is there something we can do to ensure that our customers don’t experience shipping delays?

Have a solid logistics process

A solid logistics process will ensure that there are no problems on your end. This means that you should have a clear and easy-to-follow process that any employee can follow to get your products into the hands of customers. Reducing human error is the key here. For instance, don’t use handwritten labels when possible. Instead, print them from your logistics software or a similar solution so that the address and name of the customer are written exactly how they entered it.

Choose the right courie

If you’ve noticed that your courier or logistics service has had repeated issues then it might be time to switch. There are a few things to consider when choosing the right courier, but the most important factor is their reliability. If you personally wouldn’t want your packages to be delivered by the logistics service you’re using, then it’s best to find another company instead. This is a good reason to never fully invest in a courier service until you’ve used them enough to get a good opinion about them.

Use modern solutions

Lastly, don’t forget that there are a number of modern solutions to help you overcome common delivery-related issues. For example, electronic parcel lockers can be a good option if the location you’re delivering to supports them. This is a good way to deliver products to a customer without having to worry about them being at home when it arrives. This is arguably one of the most inconvenient things about receiving a package but it can be easily solved with modern solutions like this. Your customer can just pick up the package from a parcel locker so that they don’t need to reschedule the delivery or sit at home waiting for your courier. Other common modern solutions include GPS tracking for the package and accurate delivery estimates that are calculated through software.

Communicate with your customers

At the end of the day, there’s only so much you can do to ensure that there are no shipping delays for your customers. As such, you should try to remain in contact with them and communicate when something does go wrong.