Remodeling is popular among homeowners who constantly seek effective ways to improve their properties. According to IBISWorld, the market size of the US remodeling industry by revenue was $111.5 billion in 2021. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in growing your remodeling business to better exploit the high demand for your services. Here are four tips you should know to successfully run your remodeling business.

Be careful with customer selection

It may appear counterintuitive to hand-pick your clients when looking to grow your enterprise. However, experts agree that it is vital to be a bit picky about the clients you take on, especially when you have a lot of home remodeling projects on your hands. For starters, ensure that your services can live up to the client’s expectations before choosing to work with them. Also, consider the distance from your office to clients’ homes since handling assignments far away consumes more time and resources. Furthermore, you must also get to know your clients to see if your personalities are a good fit since you will be collaborating for extended periods.

Invest in a great business website

Your target audience is likely turning to the internet to search for and evaluate local remodeling companies to handle their projects. Therefore, it is essential to include a professional business website as a key part of your online presence to attract customers who can help your business grow. Your website must have a clear message, lots of social proof, trust symbols, and client testimonials to be highly effective. It would also help to define your service area(s), display your team members, and highlight past projects on your website. Also, a reported 75% of consumers say they judge a company’s credibility based on their website design. Therefore, consider hiring a custom website design expert to build your remodeling business website for the best results.

Bid accurately

Many remodelers are often tempted to overbid to enjoy higher payments. However, overbidding can cause you to lose many potential clients who can be a major part of your company’s growth. It is essential to note that few homeowners select the first remodeling contractor they interact with when planning remodeling projects. Therefore, customers will constantly overlook your enterprise if it gives outrageous bids. Consequently, prioritize coming up with accurate bids for your potential clients to increase the number of contracts you will receive. You can generate this amount by evaluating previous projects to ensure your estimates are as accurate as possible. Also, examine blueprints, bills, and critical remodeling costs like materials, equipment, and labor. Additionally, the ROI of projects is worth considering when determining the right amount to charge. Finally, always ensure that your bid information is well organized and complete with data to back up the projected costs.

Improve your customer service

Many customers have unfortunate past encounters with remodeling contractors who delayed their work, gave them extra expenses, and displayed poor workmanship. Consequently, numerous remodelers have bad reputations you can capitalize on to grow your company. The numerous bad experiences many homeowners have suffered at the hands of bad professionals cause a good word about excellent professionals to travel very fast. Therefore, you can make customer service a top priority to ensure that word about your business gets around and sales increase.


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