Our Design Process

During the design process, the client will be part of our team in finding solutions and overcoming the obstacles.


The ‘Brief’ stage of a project is where the client and the designer have thorough discussion reaching a common understanding of what the project program is and how the outcome should be. This is a core stage of any successful project where both parties put their efforts together to crystallize the project goals and objectives, develop the program and discuss feasibility, budget, and applicable code requirements. This stage is the gateway to success in upcoming stages of the project execution.



Following detailed discussions between the client and the designer, enables the designer to come up with an idea of what might work best for the project. The Designer sets up initial design options. In terms of architecture, this consists of considering the functionality between different components, studying the architectural character and feasibility along with looking for further and better ideas for developing the layout of the building.

In terms of interior design, the concept stage is about making mood boards, finding the style inspiration for design, specifying color palettes, presenting the suitable materials and finding the best options for furniture, lighting, equipment, and even branding if the project requires.


Visualization stage is the stage the designer converts the basic concepts into tangible form; visualized high quality 3D images, generated from the gathered information, inspiration, desired color and materials agreed to at previous discussion with the client. The 3D’s are rendered and the plans are produced thoroughly. That gives the client good vision and better insight, but also makes it possible to apply the final changes.

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Technical Drawings and Specifications:

This stage is called construction documents (CD) takes place after the final design and design development drawings are fully approved by the client. The outcome of this stage is a full set of permit drawings ready to be submitted for jurisdiction approval, and suitable for Contractors or Builders to use for bidding. These drawings and specifications would be up to code and industry standards.

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