The weather change means people should pay attention to how their heating, ventilation, and air condition systems work!  If you want to lower your monthly bills, keep your house at a comfortable temperature, and avoid waking up in a place that hasn’t been heated or cooled because of a malfunctioning system.  Here are any homeowner’s steps to ensure their HVAC system is up to the highest standards.

Plan A Season Ahead

Going into a new season without first checking your heating air or vents is the worst mistake.  Check your heating and ensure that it runs before cold weather comes. Also, check your air conditioning before summer heats up too much.  At least one month before each season, check them for a couple of hours. In case they aren’t running well, call a professional.  This ensures that you will fix any issues before facing uncomfortable days.

Ensure All Drafts are Gone

Most US Standard HVAC dealers say that if your system keeps running while it shouldn’t, it could be because of a new draft.  Drafts can change the temperature of your home by several degrees. This depends on how bad they are and where they’re located.  You can check for drafts by feeling around for them manually or lighting a candle and walking past windows and doors.  The direction of the candle’s light depends on where the current is coming from. This direction shows you what areas need to be repaired.

Check Your Insulation

Don’t forget to check your insulation!  This fluffy filler can keep your home at a comfortable temperature without the cold winter air running right through it.  Check what parts of your house had insulation when it was last replaced. Also, check if there’s enough for where you live.  If your home is older than 40 years, and you don’t know the last time the insulation was checked, call a professional safe.   Asbestos could be lurking in your attic and could get you sick.

Replace Filters Often

Filters are incredible because they help clean your air as it runs through your HVAC system.  However, this doesn’t stop all trouble. The reason is that a build-up of pet hair, dust, and other airborne items can quickly stuff a filter.  A full filter means that airflow isn’t as good, which could stop your home from getting as hot or as cold as you need.

Get A Smart Thermostat

Don’t shy away from technology!  You can use a smart thermostat to set up automatic temperature changes throughout the day and track when usage is the heaviest.  This technology means you could turn off the heat while you’re at work. You should then have it come back in half an hour before you get back home. Make sure that you don’t have any bizarre temperature spikes due to bad drafts!  These thermostats can save you tons of money after the upfront purchase!