Your HVAC system is the core functionality of your home. It’s the difference between having four walls and a roof that comprises a shelter and having a house that’s safe and comfortable. For this reason, investing in HVAC upgrades can add tremendous resale value.

Here are six of the best HVAC upgrades you can make to increase your home’s resale value while reaping the benefits as a homeowner.

Incorporate Zoning

One of the fatal flaws of outdated heating and cooling systems is the whole-house approach. While whole-house HVAC systems offer many benefits during extreme seasons, they’re not the most efficient option during fringe seasons. Furthermore, whole-house systems often lead to air imbalances, such as hot spots and cold spots.

Zoning is a term used to refer to localized climate control. Incorporating zoning can help improve air balance and system efficiency by adding a supplementary, small-scale heating or cooling source. According to, adding a mini-split or ductless HVAC is ideal for improving air balancing and energy efficiency. These units typically require less maintenance and installation time than their whole-house counterparts.

Consider adding a mini-split in high-traffic areas of the home for improved localized climate control.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are transforming how we manage the temperature of our homes. With these wifi-enabled devices, you can program your heating and cooling schedule for different days and times while also adjusting it remotely.

Sophisticated smart thermostats will also make adjustments to the humidity control and temperature based on the weather outside. For example, if the day is more humid than usual, it will crank up the dehumidifier for better temperature consistency inside. Smart thermostats also monitor energy consumption and make adjustments or recommendations to help you stay on top of heating and cooling costs.

Smart technology holds a lot of appeal for modern homebuyers. Installing this device and highlighting the cost savings can help enhance the value of your house.

Incorporate Humidity Control

If you live in an older home that lacks proper humidity control, installing a home humidifier is a wise investment. In addition to making your home more comfortable, it will also help maintain your home’s interior over time, as dry air can lead to cracking and warping in wood elements.

Similarly, incorporating a dehumidifier in homes with excess moisture will help prevent mold growth and illness. Talk to your local HVAC expert to test your indoor air and determine the best path forward

Add a UV Air Purifier

Indoor air quality has been a hot topic since the pandemic. Adding a UV air purifier is a low-maintenance way to prevent illness and manage energy costs. A UV light purifier can help limit biological growth and pest infestations while killing germs before they take hold.

Consider an Energy Recovery Ventilator

An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is an innovative air exchanger system that ensures a continuous flow of fresh air. The ERV system offers tremendous value during the summer and winter months when the windows are typically closed and the heating or cooling system is engaged.

In addition to offering a continuous supply of fresh air, the ERV is meant to do so without impacting heating or cooling costs. An ERV system can even help improve energy costs by repurposing air efficiently. If your home doesn’t have an air exchanger, it’s worth considering this upgrade.

Replace Outdated Units

Finally, it’s wise to replace outdated furnaces or air conditioning units before putting your home up to sell. Well-maintained furnaces and AC units are meant to have a lifespan of around 15 years. If your units show any sign of degradation or aren’t energy efficient, consider upgrading them, as most buyers will come back to negotiate a lower price for this purpose.

With these six HVAC upgrades, you can increase the resale value of your home.


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