In winter keeping the garden in top shape is a priority especially for the outdoor person. Having a nice time while you lounge in the garden is an experience you look forward to every day. So what do you do during bad weather? Imagine staying cooped indoor all day or even all week without enjoying the beauty of the sun! Even with a well-covered patio, you can’t still have the outdoor sunshine feel, especially with the rain and its companion, cold. Bad weather is one of the bones of an outdoor person. But hey! The sunroom is the solution to bad weather. With great Sunroom Design Ideas, you can survive the bad weather period.

sunroom design ideas - dorman house

Apart from being a solution, it is first and foremost an exciting addition to your home. It is a place where you can enjoy an outdoor view and feel without getting out of your home. Your sunroom can be an annex of your sitting room and if properly design; it can actually substitute the living room. Apart from being an annex to your living room, the sunroom can also be a good addition to your dining room to give more natural lighting to your dining area. The sunroom is usually full of sunlight, giving you a continuous outdoor view from the comfort of your home. Also, if you have enough space in your home, the sunroom can actually be stand-alone and not an extension of your living room or dining room. You can design your sunroom to be in your garden, backyard. Also, it can be a minor adaptation of your house, fully surrounded by landscapes and outdoor areas.

traditional sunroom in the porch

Exciting Sunroom Design Ideas for Your Home

If you are looking for inspiration for designing your sunroom, we have put together great Sunroom Design Ideas that will transform your home.

1- You can have a traditional sunroom that extends to your porch

2- You can transform your living room into a sunroom

sunroom design idea - traditional

3- Apart from your living room, you can also adapt your sunroom into your dining room

sunroom design ideas - dining room

4- If you want to enjoy the feel of a mountain landscape, having a fireplace in rustic scenery is the best way to achieve this

sunroom design ideas - mountain landscape

5- Using glass conservatories is a great way to enjoy your garden irrespective of the condition of the weather

You can also check an excellent garden trimmer to maintain your garden

sunroom design ideas - conservatories

6- With a traditional and colorful décor, the sunroom is bound to feel as comfy as any other room in the house

a traditional and colorful décor- suroom design idea

7- It is advisable to make your sunroom a place where you can peacefully enjoy your hobbies

sunroom design- enjoy of your hobbies

8- You can achieve a beach view sunroom with a beautifully designed beach style decor

sunroom design idea beside the beach

9- Your Dorman house can also be maximized for a glass-enclosed sunroom

dorman house- sunroom design ideas

10- With a rustic sunroom design and landscape framing, you can achieve the huge mountain residence


Having a stylish sunroom design is a beautiful addition to any home. For instance, in some cases, it can make the living room irrelevant. Try some of these ideas to add color and beauty to your home and when the bad weather comes around, you will have a nice place to substitute for the garden.

If you are planning to have your unique sunroom structure, let us know! We would be happy to assist you in the design and calculation. All you have to do is to contact us and we will take it up from there.