If you’re building a new home, there’s never been a better time to capitalize on the abundance of new, innovative building materials flooding the market right now. From top to bottom, there are plenty of exciting new options to choose from when it comes to walls, flooring, roofing, insulation, and more.

In case you want to know what your options are, let’s take a look at some of the most innovative materials we could find.

Innovative Building Materials for New Home Construction

  1. ICF Construction

If you’re looking for maximum energy efficiency, ICF construction is the place to start. This type of construction is done with insulated concrete forms. These hollow concrete blocks are insulated and form a comprehensive wall system with no air gaps.

They’re tied together with rebar and allow almost zero thermal bridgings. In addition to being efficient, they’re also incredibly durable and the number one choice for storm safety. ICFs are also incredibly versatile and can be cut and molded to adapt to any type of architectural design you choose.

Say you’ve got a complex design for your garage doors, ICF’s can be used to build it without issue. You can also meet all of your interior specifications, like the inclusion of a shiplap wall, with ease.

  1. Heated Floors

Innovative Building Materials for New Home Construction

Radiant floor heating is quickly becoming a very popular way for new homeowners to heat their homes. This heating method is far superior to forced-air heating and eliminates cold spots in rooms.

It works by using heating coils that run throughout a room, underneath the flooring. These coils use heated water or air to quickly heat rooms. They save money on heating because rooms heat much faster and it takes less heat to feel warm because of the bottom-up heating approach.

  1. Solar Panel Shingles

Solar technology has evolved to the point where everyone can benefit from having at least one panel on their roof. Especially if you live in a sunny area, the benefits to be had from solar are enormous. However, if you aren’t a fan of big, bulky panels on your roof, consider solar panel shingles instead.

Solar panel shingles are interwoven with other, regular shingles to provide you with just the right amount of renewable energy. They’re also sleek and stylish, meshing well with almost all types of garage trim and siding.

2021 is a Big Year for Innovative Building Materials

Innovative Building Materials for New Home Construction

Building a new home is a big deal, and you should strive to use the best materials possible when your budget allows. If you’re constructing a new home right now, you should seriously consider implementing one or more of the ideas we’ve discussed here today.

For maximum energy-efficiency and durability, ICF construction is the way to go. Heated floors provide maximum comfort and also help lessen energy bills as well. Solar panels shingles will also slash your energy costs, and they look great as well.

No matter what your preferences are. There’s sure to be at least one item on our list that would fit perfectly in your new home.


Skylar Ross is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. He is a blogger and content writer for the architecture industry. Skylar is focused on helping architects and building designers discover new techniques, find ways to save on costs and discover new modern innovative materials to use in their next project.