The global pandemic made humanity more aware of the needs cities have in terms of engineering and architecture. While there are cities where the architectural development has been made and fueled harmoniously, others have simply cut out all the open spaces and parks and coated them with concrete. The global pandemic also made people more aware of the importance of having a park or natural spot nearby. Or of the importance of spending time in nature. There has been a need for new innovative designs in engineering and architecture since before the pandemic. Global construction has been accelerated tremendously over the last years, as the global population rose considerably. If there are more people on the Earth, they need resources to live.

At the same time, the global pandemic made many people more willing to remodel their homes. As they have spent more time in the house due to lockdown restrictions, they wanted to have a building plan and start remodeling to increase the comfort and coziness of their own homes. But of course, this depends on many factors to be successful. And so do the innovative designs in engineering and architecture we are looking forward to in 2021. Every year a new trend is getting shaped or polished. However, each year is a nice occasion to get in touch with what happens in the world and come up with innovative design ideas.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

The environmental and social movement Fridays for Future but not only has gained the attention of the entire globe after the protest for climate change initiated by Greta Thunberg. Climate change is a real threat that is facing not only us but our children and grandchildren too. The greenhouse gas emissions have reached alarming rates and we need to decrease them. So, sustainability and eco-friendliness are the trends that will rule the world this year and the ones that follow. It is natural to see them reflected in engineering and architecture, as more people are looking for buying a house and living closer to nature.

But apart from the architecture of the houses which can be beautifully designed so that they perfectly match the environment, there is also the architecture and engineering we see in cities. Many of them are in constant development, with new office buildings, hotels, and apartment resorts being built every year. But the best thing is that these can be built with sustainable and eco-friendly construction materials. Moreover, the architecture and engineering of the buildings can be innovatively designed. This means using all the natural resources at their maximum. For example, natural lightning could be valued and used more. Natural air conditioning is also an innovative design we will likely see in engineering and architecture.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure

This is closely related to the trend of sustainability and eco-friendliness we have talked about above. But it is also closely related to the pandemic, the consequences, and fears it came with. Many people are afraid of catching the virus, so they avoid using public transportation. At the same time, having to spend so much time inside has come with an increased will to spend the time you have available outside. So, one of the trends in engineering and architecture that will become even more popular this year is that of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. People are no longer willing to spending time in a confined space. They did this for a whole year. So, every opportunity to spend time outside needs evaluation. People also want to keep a good health state, so walking or bicycling more often helps them keep fit.

So, we will likely see this year some innovative designs regarding this kind of infrastructure. It is cheaper than building road infrastructure and it also gives the people who bike or walk regularly increased safety and health. Moreover, this could add up to the tourism in that area, and help people recreate and relax.

Family Land Developments

Another trend and innovative design idea we will see getting shape this year is that of family land developments. The coronavirus pandemic and all lockdown and traveling restrictions made people more aware of the importance of spending time outside. If for adults this was a difficult thing, for children it was even more challenging, as they have so much energy. It is natural to see that many families have decided to buy a house in a silent and tranquil neighborhood.

On top of this, it is not only about the baby boomers that might want to live far from a city. Millennials and Generation Z are also considering making the transition towards a life lived in the middle of nature, highlights mimy. However, while some of these are deciding to buy a house, others want to rent it. And many of them want to live close to their families or friends. Therefore, there is a need of designing and developing duplexes, multiplexes, or other types of buildings.

Final Words

Each domain and industry has received a great deal of damage by the global pandemic. It came with many changes for all people, but especially for engineers and architects. Some trends are gaining more momentum, some of which experienced acceleration or more impact by the global pandemic. But most of them focus on closeness to nature and friends. We will see this year and the ones that follow innovative designs in engineering and architecture that put sustainability and eco-friendliness as a guiding principle. There will be the reuse of old building materials. However, also designs that maximize the natural resources, such as lighting or air conditioning. Apart from this, cities will experience constant and tremendous growth this year too. But they will also develop differently.

Bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure will be one of the goals many cities will have. Therefore,  they will ask for innovative ideas and designs. Last but not least, after a year of restrictions and lockdown measures, people want to spend more time closer to nature. So, there is an increasing demand for family land developments, one of the innovative designs and development plans that will rule this year.

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