A construction site can be a source of great news to consumers, residents, and businesses in an area. It could also be a source of nuisance, inconvenience, and irritation at times. Especially when there are no banners indicating who to contact for any information or queries regarding the construction project or details about the upcoming development. When there are long-term projects under construction, it is imperative and even critical to ensure that the construction signs used or wraps do not fade and are visible at all times to the public.

This post addresses some of the facts about construction signs that you have not heard of!

Get Some Outdoor Signage Printed

A poorly marked construction site says nothing to passers-by about the construction that’s taking place. Consider a hotel under construction in one of the busiest areas in the city. It could mean that roads could be barricaded and residents would have to use alternate routes. The construction site could also pose an element of danger or risk to passers-by. Without construction banners in place, the site could become a source of inconvenience or annoyance.


As a polite way of keeping the public informed, the project should be communicated effectively. For example, the banners should include the contact details of the construction company or property developers. It also helps create a buzz about the upcoming development.

New buildings are often something to look forward to enjoying in the near future, whether it is an upcoming snazzy new hotel, recreational center, residential complex, or plush cluster of new luxury homes.  New property developments are often seen as progress and construction banners serve an important purpose for such developments that are underway.

Using Banners for Advertising

As mentioned above, the public will need the contact details of either the construction company or property developers for a variety of reasons. Construction banners are therefore an important way of advertising your company on-site while the project is still underway. Property Developers would need to consider the importance of advertising to the public to attract more revenue for future building or commercial projects. Any delays in advertising could result in a potential loss of revenue. Banners at a construction site are important communication and advertising tools.


Construction Banners Used for Safety

Whenever there is a construction project underway, it poses a risk to everyone involved in the project as well as visitors and passers-by. Anything could go wrong on-site and if it does, there could be legal consequences involved. Most importantly, as a construction company or Property Developer, it is imperative that you minimize risk. You should also take enough precautions to minimize workplace incidents and injuries.

Workers are the most vulnerable to accidents occurring on site. They are subject to all kinds of dangers while working. Such hazards include falling objects, exposure to harsh chemicals, dangerous machinery, etc. Therefore, it goes without saying that the appropriate use of safety signs or safety construction banners promote safe work behavior. They also improve the visibility of danger to passers-by and visitors. Also, in some countries like Australia, it is mandatory to ensure that construction site safety banners must be in place before the construction begins. If you do not meet these requirements, you could face serious legal consequences from local government authorities.

It would therefore be in the best interest of property developers and construction companies to ensure that you work out what signage is important to use in particular areas around the site. For maximum visibility, consider using large construction wraps to grab the immediate attention of the public that construction is underway.

Use Construction Banners that Are Attractive

In the long run, using the right material with attractive banners will be cost-effective. It’s a great investment to get some outdoor signage printed by professionals who understand the dual need to advertise and create communication notices to the public about what is under construction. You can add your logo, along with a great display, on the most durable material available in the market.

Don’t aim to use cheap material just to get signs up quickly as the print might fade quickly after some time of heat and rain exposure. It is also important to ensure simple details to your banners that will make them usable for other projects too. It is advisable to speak to experts in the printing of fence wraps and construction banners. This ensures that you only get quality printed materials that would last as long as the project does.

Experts can guide you on little details to add to your fence wraps or construction banners that are critical. The size of fence wraps and construction banners is also important to gauge beforehand without making any assumptions that could end up not serving the visibility of the signage. Even the accuracy of information printed on the banners and wraps is important to ensure a professional and accurate print.


When thinking about construction signs, the bottom line is safety and advertising. When construction is underway and there’s no advert, the chances of losing potential customers are high. Every job and every site are opportunities to get your brand out in the market. Creating visibility around your work helps keep people informed about who you are and how you can be of service to other clients.

Aim to captivate your audience by investing in top-quality construction banners and fence wraps. A construction mesh can be an attractive, professional advert to the public about who you are and why everyone should take notice of your work. Stand and be different or risk mediocrity in an ever-growing competing sector.

If your aim is to conceal the construction taking place, use high-quality wraps.  They will ensure graphic concealment with great advertising too.


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