Even if it’s a rented one, a home is a home and you need to make it a comfortable place for yourself. It speaks volumes about your personality more than anything and houses your dreams, aspirations, struggles, and purpose in life. When the house is yours, its interior decoration should be about you. The cozy corners of the house should welcome you into their arms without making you feel that the place is rented. However, the decoration should be temporary and easy to take out when you move out of it. In this article, we shall be discussing some ideas to decorate your ready-to-rent house and in ways that fit your pocket.

Removable wallpapers

The soul of the house rests in its walls. The walls of a house can make or break its image. White walls work rightly for some people while for some, they might just appear to be another level of boredom. Some rental spaces come with the ugliest walls painted in awful shades of pastel green or orange. To save your eyes from the sore and make its interior decoration elegant, removable wallpapers could serve as a good resort. You can experiment with different patterns and designs and give your house a changed look that represents you and not the person who rented the place to you. Whenever you move out of the house, you can easily take out the wallpapers without harming the walls at all. You could consider contacting a property management company to aid you with other stuff to decorate the house.

Rugs and Mats

In the seating area or beside your bed, let a mat rest to give it an elegant look. A mat or a rug in the living area, surrounded by a couch or sofas on three sides gives a cozy and comfortable look to your apartment. It is a major savior in spaces when you do not like the tiles or the flooring of the house. Laying a mat is all you require to save you from the embarrassment of the old school floor. Get yourself a rug of any kind you like. It could be bright or dull, printed or solid, with floral patterns or with geometric ones. Another benefit of using mats is that the people who will rent the house might want to keep gym equipment in the house, since putting gym equipment directly on the carpet is not recommended, a mat is necessary.


We cherish photographs, the memories of great moments, and people that are close to our heart who may not be as close by distance. However, investing in frames isn’t the best thing to do, since it will require you to drill nails through the walls to be hanged. You cannot press nails in the walls of a house that isn’t yours but a rental. However, the safest and the most cost-effective idea is to hang some of these photographs on a thread and decorate some of your walls with them.

Artificial grass

Balconies do to home what makeup does to us, humans. Therefore, you should consider this issue for any interior decoration of your home. It just makes things extravagantly beautiful and brings out the best in things. So, A balcony outside your house is an opportunity for you to decorate it in a way that adds glitter to the vibe of your rental space. Consider investing in artificial grass and lay it on the floor of your balcony. Very often, the tiles and balcony flooring can become nearly permanently stained from rain or prolonged exposure to intense sunlight. In warmer cities such as Austin, synthetic grass not only provides a pleasant sensation underfoot but also conceals any imperfections in the flooring.

Mirror and curtains

Just like every part of your house that must have matching colors, the curtains you use in your house must match your walls as well, their color, and their pattern. You must never settle for the old curtains that set off the entire vibe of the house. Consider bright colors to pop up the vibe. You could even choose floral curtains or geometric ones. Mirrors are also another lifesaver. Rental spaces most often are quite small and to combat their compact appearance, use mirrors on the right angles to make the house look bigger. Decorate the space around mirrors with a throw or artificial tendrils.


To implement proper interior decoration for your rental space you must start with the walls. Invest in removable wallpapers and customize your house as per your taste and needs. Place mirrors at right angles to make the house look bigger. Also, invest in curtains that uplift the mood of the house. Artificial grass for the balcony can save you from the embarrassment of bad flooring. Fix some photos on a thin rope or a thread and tie them across your walls. Use rugs and mats beside your bed or in the living area. It changes the tone and vibe of the house.

Author’s Bio

Inna Atwood is an interior designer and a writer. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet home. She also puts a big effort into working with her clients and tries to help them in the best way she can.”