When you buy a preowned house, there’s nothing you can do about the features you don’t like about it. You’re pretty much stuck with what you have for good. But when you’re building your custom home yourself from scratch, you can be as creative with the interior space as possible. Remember, you’re going to spend some good long years in the house you’re designing, so why not give it your best shot and put in all the epic, unique interior features you can think of?

That’s what we’re going to talk about today — the top 7 unique interior features worth your consideration. Let’s dive in.

1. A deeper basement

Your basement’s footprint has to be designed even before the base of your house is set up. That’s why you should give a second thought to whether you’re satisfied with your basement’s depth.

If you’re not, consider adding an extra couple of feet into it. You will thank yourself after the extra space comes in handy during later years.

You should also consult with a structural design firm or structural engineer to receive their guidance.

2. Higher ceilings

Speaking of extra space, why not add some height to your ceiling walls as well? There’s a reason why luxurious buildings and hotels have higher ceilings. If you want your new house to feel spacious, as well as luxurious — consider adding some extra height to your ceilings.

Higher ceilings will also allow you to do more playful things with your wall and ceiling designs later on. Don’t forget to discuss it with your architectural engineer as well.

3. Mudroom

Remember the times when you walk into your home with muddy shoes and you can’t figure out where to put them? Yeah, these annoying little things you faced in your previous homes. Now’s the time to create a mudroom and fix that problem for good.

The room doesn’t have to be big either; just a little space where you can put muddy shoes and hang rainy coats when you come in.

4. Dual closet

While you’re designing a closet for your apparel, why not opt-in for a dual closet? It’s a trending choice in modern times, and people are loving the idea of having separate closets for him and her.

Talk to your home designer and see if you can spare some space for a dual closet solution. Talking about designers, make sure you’re only working with a professional home builder. For instance, if you’re living and building a home in Sacramento, look for professional custom home builders in Sacramento on the internet.

5. Heated floors

Heated Floor

Another trending design choice in 2021 are heated floors. If you’re building the house in a cold area, this choice could be super useful for you.

By installing heated coils under the floor, you can switch on and heat up your floor whenever you want to feel extra cozy.

6. Extra outlets

Now that you have finalized your house MEP design, it’s a great idea to give a last-minute thought to whether you need more power outlets. Extra outlets may feel useless right now, but when you have to decorate your house with Christmas lights in December, you will appreciate them.

Furthermore, think about putting extra outlets in places where you’d want to plug in extra appliances later on. For instance, it might be a great idea to put an outlet next to your couch in the living room, so you can charge up your phone without having to put it far away.

7. Smart devices

Last but not least, consider getting some smart devices for your newly-designed, modern house. You don’t have to think about them earlier in the design process as you can always install them later on. But consider adding their expenses to your budget nonetheless.

Smart devices can make your life much easier by letting you turn off your lights or air conditioning with your voice, open door locks with your phone, look at who’s knocking at your door from your smartphone screen — and much more.


When you’re designing your house from scratch, you have the flexibility to put your creativity to work and install some nifty features into your house.

This article educates you about the top 7 unique features you must consider when you’re building your new, custom home.

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Author’s Bio:

Inna Atwood is an interior designer and a writer. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet home. She also puts a big effort into working with her clients and tries to help them in the best way she can.