Barndominiums aren’t an entirely new concept, though their popularity has grown substantially in recent years. Behind much of this push is the fact that barndominiums are very eco-friendly, lending themselves to be one of the most sustainable housing choices available today. So, let’s take a closer look at why barndominiums are the eco-friendly choice. 


One of the benefits of barndominiums is that they can be built to be very well-insulated, even though the walls are all metal. This keeps the barndominium cool in the summer months, and warm in the winter, in addition to good moisture-control and air circulation.

In addition, barndominium owners typically have the option to add more insulation to fit their needs, so they can be customized for maximum impact no matter the climate. 

High Energy Efficiency

As we discussed above, barndominiums tend to be very well-insulated, meaning less cool air escapes when it’s hot outside and less warm air seeps out when the outdoor temperatures plummet. 

Thus, this helps conserve energy, requiring barndominium owners to use their heaters and air conditioners less frequently. Owners can also make their barndominium more energy efficient by choosing well-insulated windows and doors as well.

Dual-Purpose Buildings

Another benefit of barndominiums that reduces their impact on the environment is that they can be used for multiple purposes, removing the need for the construction of multiple buildings. 

So whether you work from home and need an office, or a dedicated space for garage work, your barndominium can be customized to do it all. In turn, this reduces the use of other raw materials and heavy machinery to build additional structures for those other purposes.  

Long-Lasting Materials

When building barndominiums, many contractors will use environmentally-friendly materials that endure for years to come. Not only does this help with ongoing maintenance and upkeep, but it also means less materials are being used on the home overall.

Largely, barndominiums are made of steel, which makes them durable to withstand the outdoor elements. It can handle the rain, snow, and hail with ease, which will cost less in the long run when it comes to maintenance costs. Plus, it requires less use of heavy machinery and less raw material usage, all making the environmental impact from building and maintaining barndominiums minimized. 

All in all, those who are interested in minimizing their carbon footprint and still want to build a home that’s affordable, barndominiums can be a great option to consider. 

Written by Bailey Schramm