Times are hard for businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic as it’s hard to ensure employees and workers are one-hundred-percent safe. Construction companies have it even tougher since the job revolves around teamwork and physical interaction. It’s almost impossible to erect a building if engineers and technicians work alone.

As a result, your operations may have been limited in the last six months. However, with the virus showing no signs of going away, authorities are recognizing the need to allow organizations in the construction trade to welcome back customers, clients, and staff.

If you’re unsure how, here are four ways to tell if you’re ready.

Mark Out Sites

Like supermarket stores and bars and restaurants, it’s essential to incorporate social distancing signs into your site management strategy. Then, people will understand where they can stand to eliminate the confusion, and you won’t break the rules. Positioning stickers on the floor is something that may not be suitable; however, due to the nature of the work. Therefore, it could be wiser to place warnings and guidance on walls since it will be at eye level and easier to view. Of course, you can use traditional signage, such as cones and tape, to highlight no-go areas.

Spread The Word

It’s one thing creating policies to keep people safe and limit the spread of COVID, but it’s another to inform personnel of what they mean and how to interpret the new rules. Remember – the laws surrounding social distancing are already confusing, so you shouldn’t add to the gray areas. Instead, decide how your company is going to combat the current climate and inform everyone that these are the policies they should follow while at work, regardless. Don’t forget to explain your rationale as rules that go against prevalent science may be challenged and disregarded.

Level-up Your Insurance

The firm was covered in a previous life, yet things have changed. There’s a different normal that companies must adapt to, and your insurance is bound to be affected. For instance, the definition of negligence isn’t the same and if you continue to operate the same way, you’ll be liable to fines and lawsuits. Therefore, covering your business should be your number one priority before returning to work. The trick is to research self-isolation legislation and your duties as an employer. That way, you may be able to ask your insurer or the government to pick up the tab when workers must quarantine.

Invest In PPE

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. Construction companies are familiar with the tools since they are essential to the ability to maintain standard health and safety policies. Still, it’s not guaranteed you’ll have the gear you require to keep people safe. Do you have offices? Is the space split into sectors by screens? This is how far you must go to adhere to the rules, which is why investing in PPE is critical if you don’t keep the equipment stocked up.

Only you know when it’s time to return to trading. What is your opinion?