Sourcing the right manufacturer for your business is a vital part of launching a new product. The manufacturer you choose needs to be reliable, affordable, and capable of making your product to your specifications. You can have many to choose from, including domestic manufacturers and overseas options. The initial research might bring up many results, giving you a selection that specialize in making the kind of product that you want to sell. But what should you do to confirm whether a manufacturer is right for you or not? Here are some of the top actions that could help you find the right one.

Get Them to Make a Sample or Prototype

Of course, one of the most important things that you need to know is whether the manufacturer is capable of making your product to the standard you need. To do this, ordering a prototype or samples of your product will give you a good idea. You will want to choose a manufacturer specializing in your industry or product type, whether it’s an auto prototype manufacturer or a clothing factory. Some may even have a smaller niche, specializing in a very specific type of product or manufacturing process to meet your needs.

Visit the Factory

Visiting a factory you’re thinking of using for manufacturing isn’t always possible or convenient. If you’re thinking of having your product manufactured abroad, it might be tricky to get out there and visit it. However, if you have the opportunity, it’s extremely useful to visit the factory and get a good idea of how everything works there. You may want to take a look at their equipment, the processes they have in place, how their workers are treated, and more. It gives you a chance to meet with key people you might be working with too.

Gather Essential Information

Before placing an order with a manufacturer, be sure to get essential information about how everything works and the options that you have. There are many questions you might ask to ensure you have all of the information that you need. You might ask about minimum order numbers, whether they can do custom orders, how long your order is likely to take, the cost per unit, the sustainability of their processes, and much more. Go on a fact-finding mission when researching and discussing your needs with a manufacturer so that you know everything you need before making a decision.


You have the opportunity to negotiate with manufacturers to get the best terms for your business. This can include negotiating payment terms, the price you pay for each unit, and other important terms. However, keep in mind that you’re not just trying to negotiate everything down to the lowest price. You want to find a deal that’s fair for both your business and the manufacturer so you can work well together and hopefully form a long-term relationship.

Finding the right manufacturer is key when you’re creating a new product. Take your time to research them thoroughly to create a good partnership.