The interior designer is qualified for designing the interior with his resourceful talent and usually does something exceptional that is beyond your imagination. Hence, interior designers have a ton to offer to those who hire them and along with their talent, they serve as an amazing resource as well.
Though they have a ton to offer, still it might not be affordable for some of us as it may exceed our budget.

Here’s something you would love to know and will help you to think just like an interior designer. If you are a fan of watching TV shows related to designing then you might already be aware of the idea of interior designing but, there’s more to it rather than just eye-catching highlighting.

Listed below are some points to help you think and see just as if you are an interior designer yourself:

Decide what you want to achieve

If you have known anyone who works on such designing projects or even if you have ever tried it, then you must be familiar with how your newly made plan can evaporate easily in a few seconds after you start. In some cases, it might seem easier at first and also easy to execute but other than that it can sometimes be frustrating. It can get harder if you share your space with someone or if you are on a strict budget.

Examine and visualize your space as if you hired someone to design or renovate it. Think about what you want for space, a new color scheme for space?  Or do you want a totally new makeover? Do the renovations you desire to fit in your budget? Or are you expecting quick fixes and changes without much investment? Plans can change whenever you want them to but collecting answers for these questions can help you to prevent all those upcoming confusion and headaches on the road of designing.

bathroom design

Look at your space from a new angle

Usually when we get acquainted after living in our space for a while. then, due to our habit and level of comfort, we might never think about making changes to the arrangements and the décor of the space. For instance, if you are planning on redesigning your kitchen, you will probably think about the spaces and things you most commonly use and where you can place them first.

If you ask a designer, he might think about the work triangle for the kitchen which provides more functionality and is easier to use.  Consider making changes according to your past experience in the place and determine whether you want the changes or not.

interior design - kitchen design

Analyze the functions and the feel of the space

Have you been thinking of a cozy and comfortable living room for your guests or friends or relatives to sit and have a chat? Then you need to decide the number of seats first. Does your career require calling people over for formal meetings? Then you must plan for space which is comfortable as well as formal.

Examine the comfort level provided by the space even if space is for home or office purposes. Think about the necessities and how the designs can fulfill them in the best way possible.

interior designer - living room design

Keep in mind that the designing is all about inspiration

Although no research or studies can prove the fact that designing depends 90 % on inspiration but inspiration is one of the most important factors to consider while designing. You can experience this yourself, if you are lucky enough to be designing for someone, you know that you might design it incredibly well as you must be familiar with their ideas and thoughts regarding space. Take some time to think about the feels space should provide and how you can work on the space to provide such vibes.

Prepare a list of whether it is physical or on your device and note down the ideas you get. Do you like the feels a beach gives? Then you can paint the space with similar shades of blue and green.

Anything and Everything can inspire you anywhere

As said above about inspiration, there are numerous ways to find something to get you inspired which includes the showrooms, designer galleries, etc. Don’t make your space much formal but enough comfortable for you to roam in your PJs. Many websites such as Houzz and Pinterest provide you with tons of wonderful ideas and designs for your space that you can look at any time with no appointments needed.

living room space- interior designer

Perhaps you saw some beautiful curtains which you adored at the first sight while shopping, scribe down the things you liked about it, the pattern and the feels, or some color schemes, evaluate along with the feels and vibes it gave you when you looked at it. Remember not to buy everything and anything you find attractive as it might not match the setup Hence, shot list the things and patterns along with the color schemes and go for the redesigning and you won’t believe how much these little details can matter.

Keep the dimensions of the space in your mind

Although you might love the overstuffed sofa and the coziness it provides you, but you might need to decide according to the dimensions your space has to offer. For instance, small showpieces might get lost in a huge living space.

It’s common for the interior designers to select the things according to the dimensions of the room and why or when it is acceptable to decide not considering the scale. Furthermore, you can’t restrict yourself if the things and placements give you the right feels and vibes in the space. If they provide you with what you expect then, it totally fine to do accordingly.

Rule of Three

You can always break some rules of designing as rules are meant to be broken but there’s a classic rule which is worth applying in your space. If you want to start thinking like an interior designer then, think in odd numbers. The rule of three is about placing objects in a number of three to provide more visual interest which is uncommon in the case of two pieces.

You might be a fan of symmetry when it comes to designing but to make the space full of energy you might have to sacrifice the symmetrical comfort you have and opt-out for using odd numbers in the décor arrangement. Five photograph frames placed together capture more interest than four of them similarly three showpieces placed on the display will be more engaging than two. Not only as a matter of arrangement but also in the color scheme, three might look more vibrant than just a single color or two of them.rule of three - interior designer

Fuse some things for spicing it up

If we consider the things which provide visual interests other than the rule of three then, mixing a few styles can be another option.  Where a bedroom which is full of décor and arrangements in a single color can seem dull and boring but you can spice up the things by placing a bold headboard complementing smooth & soft nightstands. You can also use vintage wall clock with modern leather sofa-set.

If you lookout for the rooms which inspire you then look for the type of furniture it was fraught with? The same type can be great for ads for sale but not for a space designed by a designer. You can be brave enough to fight against the match and start spicing things up by complementing it!

interior designer - leather sofa


When you are almost set and done with designing the space, the finishing touches can be done by using accessories. This step can have a huge impact on your newly designed space. Did you find some teeny-tiny showpieces before designing? Maybe it’s time to use them as accessories for your space. Let them speak for you and complement your style!

Time for a new step, backward

After everything from a new angle, now it’s time for you to look from the angle of an outsider. Hence, take a step back and ask yourself what you achieved after what you decided for designing. Did you accomplish everything after thinking like an interior designer?

Sometimes, taking a few pictures can help you in this final step. You can see how truly space is and have a look at it from a different perspective. Think of your space is functional enough? Is the space stylish enough, or not? Is it enough to reflect your personality along with the needs? Did you follow the rules or break them for making the space that reflects you?