Residential MEP Design

MEP Design in Multifamily Developments

Electrical Design

Electrical design is the process of planning and creating electrical equipment such as electrical components, lighting equipment, power systems, mechanical powers, panel board schedules, electrical riser diagrams, and telecommunications infrastructure.

An accurate electrical design plan is crucial to accurately measure the energy usage of each component in the building, allowing to optimize for maximum efficiency. Our engineers are experts in electrical design and are well-versed in alternative energy sources such as solar panels, helping you to achieve high efficiency with your plan and reduce energy costs as well as maintenance requirements.

Our electrical Mep design services include electrical schematics, power and lighting plans, interior lighting and exterior lighting, electrical site plans, riser diagrams, electrical panel schedules and distribution panels, wiring diagrams and power distribution systems.

Plumbing Design

A plumbing design addresses two systems; one that supplies water and one that gets rid of waste. An efficient plumbing system provides water to the necessary sections of a building with the right flow and pressure while saving water and energy resources. An accurately sized system can minimize pumping costs, and an efficient water usage system reduces the heating bill. The system can be further improved via water-saving upgrades such as rainwater collection tanks, low-flow plumbing features, and greywater recycling systems.

Our engineers develop professional plumbing designs adhering to local design codes while being optimized for maximum efficiency. We offer plumbing and drainage drafting services design and drafting services for domestic water, plumbing set up of natural and LP gas piping drafting, compressed air and medical gas system plan drawings, demolition and existing plan drawings, isometrics, riser diagrams, schematics, and schedules.

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The HVAC system is a key mechanical component that puts you in control over temperature and humidity. HVAC systems are one of the most expensive parts of a building’s operation, therefore an efficient design is mandatory to minimize your energy and gas bills while maintaining a great result.

Our company’s specialists ensure that not only do the HVAC designs provide maximum efficiency, but also comply with building codes to ensure quick and pain-free city approval. The design encompasses multiple levels including floor plans, air and water riser diagrams, equipment specification, and construction requirements.

Some of our HVAC services include mechanical drafting and design, mechanical detailing, 3D REVIT modeling, schematic heating, and cooling system design, heating and cooling equipment selection heat loss and/or gain calculations, plant room layout design, and duct layout drawings.

Title 24 Compliance

Title 24 is a collection of energy standards created by the California Building Standards Commission in 1978, that strives to make buildings more energy-efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The standards are updated every three years. In 2020, the main purpose is boosting energy efficiency, saving consumers money, and improving air quality.

S3DA Design has experienced engineers who design to meet those goals, using the latest technology and years of experience. Some of our Title 24 services include Title 24 calculation, remodeling lighting, Title -24 envelope, and Title 24 mechanical.

Solar Design

Solar power is increasingly popular, particularly in California which has made solar power mandatory for newly designed homes as part of Title 24, Part 6. Solar power reduces your energy bills, however, installing the system and getting it right is challenging.

Our engineers assist you with picking the right system and designing for efficiency. As MEP and structural design experts, we are particularly well-positioned to take care of all such requirements from start to finish.

Fire Protection

Fire is the greatest enemy of buildings, thus it is important to prepare and protect against it. There are strict fire protection guidelines, and designs must meet local codes.

Our experts design for fire protection with maximum efficiency and minimum costs in mind, incorporating measures to prevent fire or minimize damage in case of an outbreak. We design for fire alarm systems containing the necessary sensors and devices to detect fire, as well as accommodate fire exists.

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