Local customers are a vital part of any business, and appealing to them will enhance your efforts. But there are possibly some mistakes you are making that can mean you will miss out on this untapped resource. To help you out, here are some of the most common you can make.

Not Showcasing Local Services

As your business, services, or franchise grows, you will begin to serve more than one locale. This means there are local customers for each outlet, and depending on geography, these can have different requirements. At the very least, you must develop multi-location websites so users searching for information about your business can find the nearest available outlet. This is vital for certain services with geographic needs, such as IRL utility, architecture, or building services.

Leaving Testimonials Out

Your customers are the best voice you have, so leaving them out is a cardinal sin when it comes to marketing. Without even having to do anything, you have a vast and powerful resource with customer testimonials. Testimonials can help increase the appeal to local customers who are thinking of using your services. The best way to include genuine testimonials (never fake ones) is on prominent locations across your business website, especially one for various locales.

No Local Customers SEO Strategy

You are missing out on enormous opportunities without a solid SEO strategy. Further still, without a local SEO campaign. Local SEO helps local customers find your services when they search on sites like Google, which is a massive help since it has over 90% of the search engine market. To utilize local SEO on Google, the best first step is to register with Google My Business. This puts you on Google Maps and allows local customs to see your business.

Poor Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement doesn’t wholly relate to local customers, but you can engage more with local customers on the local level with a solid plan to do so. Like using local websites, you can offer advice and support for individual local areas. This is a massive help when it comes to boosting customer service and improving the user experience of your business. Good engagement is precise, timely, and always helpful, with the customer leaving satisfied.

No Segmented Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways of boosting business and offers a great ROI. For email marketing, you can also use automation tools such as MailChimp to make it faster and easier. Tools like this also allow you to create segmented marketing lists. Segmented marketing facilitates emails to groups of people most likely to buy. But this can also be used to appeal to local customers, such as offering deals specific to their nearest store in local sales.


Making it harder to find your services in more than one locale can lose you local customers. Individual local websites can help, alongside a local SEO strategy. You can also increase sales and food traffic by letting local people know about promotions using segmented email marketing.