Modern house plans are characterized by clean lines, simple proportions, and abundant natural light. Open floor plans are signature characteristic of this style. Flat or shallow-pitched roofs, oversized windows, strong connections to outdoor space, irregular massing and little ornamentation walls make them dramatic to behold from outside.

modern house plans in California (1)

Country Style house

The 9850sf L-shape home includes 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths. The two car garage, playroom, storage and laundry are in the basement of the complex so as not to compete with glassy treated shiny front of the house.

California modern house style

Modern house style

This two-story modern house style can be your own cozy getaway home in all seasons. There are two optional interior room layout. It can be further tailored. This getaway house plan has a spacious living room which views out through a large glass sliding door.

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