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A Positive Future for Construction Post COVID-19

The Future for Construction As the world economy has halted, and people have been confined to their homes to slow the spread of COVID-19, the impact on the construction industry has been staggering. Less crowded roads, airports, and buildings have opened the door to a unique opportunity to improve facilities and infrastructure during this unplanned […]

How Surety Bonds Help Construction Companies Become Better

Running a construction company and dealing with contractors is very complex. With such big money involved in every deal and construction arrangement, all parties are always looking for ways to protect themselves. Surety bonds are one of the best ways to add unique protection to construction deals which can benefit everybody involved. Unfortunately, surety bonds […]

Planning an Office Interior? Here Are the Factors to Consider

When you run your own business, you soon come to learn that every little detail matters. All business owners know that employee satisfaction and comfort levels directly impact their performance and your company’s reputation. A comfortable office interior and a well maintained positive environment are essential for your employees’ success; it is not only necessary […]

Avoid These 9 Home-Renovating Mistakes!

Common Home-Renovating Mistakes Ever wanted to renovate your home to be homier and up-to-date? Chance are, you already have an idea in place that can turn your abode into the home of your dreams. Whether you opt to renovate the home yourself or hire a professional, the choice is up to you. Though, regardless of […]

The Difference Between Conventional and Structurally Engineered Buildings

Everything we do these days is fast. We can order our groceries before we leave work and have them ready to be loaded into our car on the way home. Need clothes, electronics, even furniture? Spend a few minutes online, click a button, and within a day or two the item is waiting at your […]

The History of Structurally Pre-Engineered Buildings

To understand the history of structurally pre-engineered buildings, it helps to understand the history of fire. As in, things catching on fire.  As in, that’s not good.  In the 18th century, mill towns began to spring up all over the United States, bringing with them all the trades that would support the mills’ working families.  […]

Budget Roofing: The Best Options for Your Roof’s Next Upgrade

When choosing a new home, few of us stop to contemplate the lifespan and quality of the roof. Like the four walls that keep a house up, it is often thought that the roof is a permanent structure that you simply do not have to worry about. However, this is not the case. Depending on […]

5 Important HVAC Maintenance Tips to Prepare for the Winter

Autumn is almost here—and that means Old Man Winter is just around the corner. It also means it’s the perfect time to make sure your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) unit is ready to handle the coming onslaught of the winter months. A poorly maintained system will mean higher energy bills, so keep your […]

How to Check If Your Commercial Building Has HVAC Inefficiencies

If you’re operating a commercial building, inefficiencies in your HVAC systems are costing you big time. Below, we’ll outline the top things to check to make sure that you aren’t losing money without even knowing it. 1. Check for Leaks The ductwork that is damaged or just old can cause airflow problems throughout the building, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Construction Budgeting

The construction industry is notorious for two things: going over budget and missing deadlines. That’s not a hot reputation. After all, going over budget means that the whole profitability of the venture is immediately thrown out of wack. So the question arises: how can construction companies avoid this common pitfall of incorrectly drawing up a […]

Does Conventional Building Have a Future?

The future of the conventional building is assuredly an interesting one because of the many changes that both impact and are driving fast-paced transformation in the construction industry. Builders now have more options when it comes to controlling budgets by harnessing the power of computer software analytics to optimize material usage and creating Pre-Engineered Buildings […]

How to Save Money on Home Renovation

Even if you want to build a house from scratch or you want a simple renovation work for your current home, it will always be useful to save some money, regardless of the project you are involved in. The first tip is to look with the architect and builders over the project whenever needed until […]

7 Special MEP Factors to Consider when Designing Extraction Facilities

Designing and building a cannabis production facility is not an easy task. It does not matter if you are a small scale production facility or a large one; the task is complex. You have to consider many things, including extraction machines, planning process flow, and even getting your permits approved. When people want to construct […]

How to Design Your Bathroom: A Simple Guide

When it comes to worthwhile home upgrades, there’s a reason bathroom remodels are ranked #1. More than the resale value and good looks, bathrooms are among the most important rooms in a home. More than any other room, if a bathroom’s not clean in its hygiene or design, it changes the home’s feel. The last […]

8 Office Construction Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

With over 50% of Americans working from home, slowly but surely, we’re seeing people start to trickle back into their office spaces. Before your team comes back, you may be contemplating making changes to your office to better support your team’s comfort and safety. Therein lies the reason why we’re seeing several office managers carry […]

Things to Consider When Planning an Office Design

Planning the design of an office space can be quite exciting. You want to make all your dreams of what an office should be like to come to life and ensure comfort and productivity in the process. Whether this is your first office or you’re designing a new one, there will be many factors you […]

7 Essential MEP Trends You Must Know in 2020

The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing industry are always changing, and the trends that are coming from the introduction of modern technology could be mind-blowing if its thing you never saw coming. The world is indeed changing, and the MEP industry is no exception. However, there’s no need to panic or worry; the vast majority of […]

8 Signs Your Office Needs a Commercial Remodel

Did you know that 60% to 80% of employee injuries are caused by workplace stress? As an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that employees are safe and the workplace is conducive. You can achieve this by providing the right office essentials and improving the weak parts of your office. If your office is small […]