Mortgage Stimulus Program – introduction

When the coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan, China, went haywire, many countries started to implement health safety protocols, such as closing borders and banning travels in hopes of curtailing it. Unfortunately, such mitigations were not enough to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. When COVID-19 became a full-blown pandemic, the statistics were already on red-alert status, and just in a few months, many countries fell on their knees.

Economically speaking, many countries were affected by the health crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of businesses were forced to close temporarily and stop production due to the high risk of coronavirus, resulting in massive lay-offs and furloughs. No open business means no work, and no work means no income.

Then the inevitable happened.

The global economy went down. Different governments worldwide are hell-bent on providing relief and assistance to its people, especially those who lost their jobs. In the U.S, projects, such as the mortgage stimulus program for homeowners, were launched. In the meantime, monthly payments for homeowners who experience a virus-related crisis will stop for a while.

Now, learning this bill can be beneficial on your side. If you’re up to know more about it, take a read.

Mortgage Modification

Usually, a mortgage is a loan from a bank or financial institution to help you acquire a house. You pledge to reimburse the money you have borrowed, plus a fixed-upon interest rate when you take out a mortgage. Note that this is a huge commitment.

Loan transactions are also a huge deal, it needs due process and proper documentation to ensure that it is legally backed up in case anything happens. Therefore, if we are in a regular estate, everything follows specific protocols, and asking for a payment extension can be challenging.

Fortunately, the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill for Homeowners allows adjustments to their current mortgage conditions to help homeowners manage their bills. This choice is for those who are unable to manage their debt repayment and may be at risk of dropping wages, leading to losing their homes. In this pandemic, being able to get a break from it is a relief.

12 Months Extension For Forbearance

Despite your valiant efforts, different hurdles might hinder you from meeting financial responsibilities and other commitments during this pandemic. For this reason, having payment extensions can be an adequate relief for many homeowners who have a hard time managing it.

This program allows you to set 12 months of extension for forbearance,  a momentary delay of mortgages payments. The world still hasn’t gone back to normal, so people are not yet back with their jobs nor recovered their income. Therefore, this assistance is very favorable to the hard-pressed borrower.

Cover Only Federally Backed Mortgages

In any free services around, there will always be specific qualifications for everyone to avail it. The same thing goes for the stimulus bill, where the government always ensures that this assistance can be sent to those who are really in need. With this process, it prevents other less qualified people from taking advantage of it.

Before using this stimulus package, the qualification is to first understand that this protects only federally backed mortgages. If you don’t know your mortgage is federally backed, it is best to notify your lender to figure it out. Fixing it ahead of time will easily help you request this kind of help.

No Extra Charges

Most of the time, late transactions can cause extra charges. However, this bill includes an assurance that once the forbearance is granted to you, your landlord is not allowed to charge you additional fees for it.

This is a huge relief for many homeowners who have difficulty managing their finances. Regardless of how big or small it is, extra charges mean additional burden to add up your payments. Extra charges may be a small thing for others, but it is important to note that small amounts may pile-up and may become a financial strain if left unattended.

Eligible For Additional Assistance

If asking for forbearance is too much, remember that being eligible in asking for it for a second time is a relief for many homeowners. When you reach the end of the period granted to you, you can ask your servicer the requirements for additional service.

Upon contacting your servicer,  you can ask about the additional assistance you can avail of. This could considerably reduce the monthly expenses or some other sort of alteration of the loan. If that’s the case, it will be another extension of help that is beneficial for you.


The COVID-19 crisis affected many people’s lives across the globe. Numerous steps are being taken by governments worldwide to support their people. One of them is the mortgage stimulus program.

The facts mentioned above are a few of the benefits of availing this bill. Therefore, making sure that you understand how this process will work will greatly benefit you.