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Point Cloud Service

The point cloud is only the initial stage in most 3d data capture projects.

We provide Point cloud and 3D Laser Scan to BIM, PDMS, 3D Model, High-end visualization and VR experience services.
Point clouds are generally produced by 3D Laser scanners but today’s technology you can also make 3D scans with your smartphone. It is a collection of data points specified by a given coordinates system.
The output of point clouds are used for many goals, including to make 3D CAD models, for quality control and for a multitude of visualization, animation, rendering, and mass customization applications.

Providing scan file

Raw formats ( .fls , .fws , .asc , .txt , .ptx , .pts …. )
3d laser scanner - point cloud

Point cloud cleanup

By Autodesk, Revit

Check and analyst input data (Total quantity, error allow, Level Of Detail require. Scope of works refer with own capacity, staff, PC, software, …)

Clean and filter raw data scan

Classify imported data depending on work tasks and data structure.

point cloud Cleanup - S3DA Design -Architectural design

3D Modeling

Design tools

The most important task to ensure the product’s quality before delivery on time.

point cloud 3d modeling

Final Output

Delivery on time and meet exactly all of the customer requires (file location, format, quantity, related files…)

point cloud VR Headset Final output
point cloud Final output

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