We were dealing with three-story concrete frame building in Malaysia.

We prevented collapsing three story concrete frame building with the easy, economical and professional solution. S3DA Design provided the structural model of Three Story Concrete Frame Building in Etabs software and checked for dead, live and wind load based on the local standard and found that 7 columns failed under loading.
S3DA Design divided the project into phases to suit the construction condition. Type of the wall changed to reduce the load on the constructed part of the structure and improved the connections for rest of the building.
A key challenge on this project was redesigning the building under construction. The client asked us to check structure due to a disagreement between the owner, designer, and contractor.
The finished design was an impressive case showing how engineering work could secure building while under construction challenging condition.
What we are catching the eye is a unique outfit given to a three decker concrete-frame house. Starting from the top floor, an outfield but roofed exit taking an overlook onto three sides of the property. Second-storey holds up to the balcony and at the same time puts its feet as pillars to create a pathway along the ground floor.
The surprise in this Malaysian family house is the long lengthen swimming pool sitting in between the two sides. The design was achieved based on BS 8110 but local wind load was taken into consideration.
South block is connected through an indoor alley intersecting for a magnificent dining locate. Matching to the wing of our pool will be hard stoned tiling with stretched fly overs allowing for a cool yet comfortable eating spot.
If you are planning to have your unique wood house structure, we would be delighted to assist in the design. All you have to do is to contact us and we will take it up from there.




  October 2016


  Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia