The goal was to prepare a full set of working documents for a 17,640 square feet Agricultural Warehouse in Hawaii. The site was located on the north shore of Oahu, and any installation needed to be salt tolerant (galvanized steel), the overall envelope of the building was designed to create office and equipment storage spaces.

The challenges that we faced were as follows:

  • We were in need of referring some work to our civil engineer and double check it with the contractor before finalizing the job.
  • We had to deal with much tougher building codes due to the recent hurricane and storms record in Hawaii.
  • We had to make sure our Electrical and Fire Sprinkler Plans comply with HECO codes.
  • The building was located in the coastal area, so structural engineering was a challenge, to make it solid yet cost-efficient.

The scope of work of this project was to provide the following:

    • Structural Design (Calculation and Drawings)
    • Plumbing Plans
    • Mechanical Plans:

Considering natural or mechanical ventilation for the warehouse portion of the building with no plumbing work in those areas.

    • Electrical Plans:

Power & lighting design.
Design CATV infrastructure.
Coordinate electrical design with the Solar Developer’s Electrical Engineer designing rooftop solar arrays for the building.
Coordinate with HECO (Hawaiian Electric Company) and Oceanic Time Warner Cable (OTWC).

  • Fire Sprinkler Plans





  North shore of Oahu