Scope of work: Converting a simple side protrusion of the house into an extended below/above grade addition for a habitable area on the top and converting the new additional basement into below grade parking space.

Implementing some changes in the existing side of the basement to enhance the open space usage by removing some walls.

Per client’s request we provided full Structural package.

  John – B


  September 2018


  Mariposa – California

The challenges that we faced were as follows:

  • We initially had to implement an inspection in order to make sure the existing structure is capable of handling the changed loads due to the removal of some of the walls that were planned per the client’s request, and then we had to rearrange some elements and the load distribution directions.
  • Removing the Chimney Breast and some of the load bearing elements on the side, and yet retaining the structural stability to be able to proceed with additional excavation by adding some temporary supports to be removed after achieving the appropriate strength of the new casted concrete for the retaining walls. This actually called for an additional construction schedule defining all preparative action that had to be considered.
  • Applying the local available and cost-effective materials per local Codes.

Our deliverable per the agreement signed with the client:

  • Conceptual design, with Ext. 3D visualizations, in two existing and planned versions
  • Structural package and calculation report.

Project Time frame: It was initially agreed to be accomplished during 20 days from the agreement but we had to proceed a few days beyond the schedule due to the extent changes and double checking the structural issues and solutions, but ultimately we were able to accomplish the job perfectly and the client was happy.