S3DA is working on Structural and MEP Design for 1000 Fairview Rd, Hollister, CA 95023.

The scope of work is the following items:

Calculations on Loading analyses (Wind, Seismic, Dead, and Live loads), Structural Analysis, and Design Calculations of all Structural Components: (Foundations, Columns, Beams, Floor Joists/slabs, Load-Bearing Walls, Shear walls, Holdowns. Also, drawings for the Foundation Plan, Floor Framing Plans, Roof Framing Plan, Shear wall layout plan, Schedule of shear walls and holdowns, and Structural Details.

The mechanical ventilation per mechanical code requirements and manual S calculation per energy code requirement. Also, single line diagram and demonstrate the electrical power distribution system/concept, panel schedules electrical circuits, and electrical outlet location per code requirements. We are providing an isometric diagram for cold/hot water and gas piping. Finally modeled the building envelope and building system by the latest EnergyPro for Title 24 compliance.