Maria Rutenburg, an Investor Sales Broker was about to develop a property, building up a 10-unit multifamily building in Redwood City, CA.

The multifamily construction is booming in California due to the high density, low inventory and low vacancy. This new investment is to respond to the housing of the high population in the Bay area. The need was to provide a full package for building permit of the purposed 10-unit multifamily building.

The investor was initially looking for MEP services only in order to complete the drawings for City approval by Redwood City.

Several issues called for a thorough reconsideration even in terms of the package configuration. The initial package by far was incompatible and inappropriate to pass the permit and one of the main lacks was not complying with ADA. Conference calls were set up with the city plan checkers in order to make everything clear and get back on track finding the best solution.

In due course, the full package including all disciplines; structural, and MEP was presented successfully within the time schedule and is now in the permitting process.


  Maria Rutenburg


  May 2018


  Redwood City, CA