Scope of work: Design of A Steel portal frame

Approx. dimensions: L 9.2 * W 4.5 * H 2.7

Project Time frame: 3 weeks and we finally met the schedule.

We started to participate in this project whilst it was already begun. The client’s request was to provide confirmation for structural design and arrangement of steel rafters, columns, bracing and connections of the portal frame building.


  Philipe – M


  August 2018


  Park Ave, Southall

The challenges we faced were as follows:

  • At the point that we started not only the initial design was done, but also the construction was already started so we had a tight schedule to act, otherwise the job on the ground would be halted.
  • We had to take all the existing elements into consideration as a basis to reduce the likely costs due to unnecessary replacements

Our deliverables per the agreement signed with the client:

  • Check of the existing steel frame and provide design (with calculations). Adding cross bracing in the longitudinal direction for lateral stability.
  • Check the existing steel connections and provide design (with calculations) accordingly for the portal frame: apex haunch, eave haunch, eave beam to column and baseplate for columns.
  • Provide the reactions on the column supports for us to design the foundations.

The client was also happy due to the least changes that were applied to the connections and framing for upgrading them based on current BS standard and practices.