8880 Rio San Diego Drive 8th Floor, CA 92108

Restaurant remodeling, Lakeside – interior and exterior

  Location: Lakeside, CA

The Restaurant was old, and both the interior and exterior had to be renovated. Furthermore, the client wanted to add drive-thru feature. We helped the client to design the drive-thru feature and have it approved in the San Diego County. Afterward, the construction work started in Mid-April and was accomplished in Mid-July.
The scope was to the Burger King Tower remodel, the bathroom remodel, the counter, the preparation area, the seating area, and new asphalt for the parking lot plus the new drive-thru feature. The entire finishes, tiles, fixtures, walls were changed and refreshed. As the client was a franchise, we had to follow strict instructions and specific material, color, finishes were requested by the Burger King booklet.
In order to not halt the operation and help the Burger King to keep its customers and business, we did the drive-thru phase as the first step. Then we kept the business running through the drive-thru and started the remodeling of the restaurant building. As such, the restaurant was operating during the project.