In this project a retaining wall for a residential building in Weston, MO was designed. The concrete wall was 11′ tall and 24′ wide.
Analysis was run as per the following codes:
2012 International Building Code (IBC)
2012 International Residential Code (IRC).

Based on the analysis result, we had to use 5 ft height concrete for the foundation. This solution was too expensive for the client.
Another challenge was lack of sump pit for the sewage to drain into. As for the cost efficiency, there were two economically sound solutions:
1- Using stiffeners or other materials to reduce the amount of concrete.
2- Reducing the soil behind the retaining wall to 10 feet, (12 inch less than the top level), in this option, we could reduce the soil pressure behind the retaining wall.

As for the sump pit, there was a drainage system all around the foundation. we decided to connect the sump pit into the drainage system; also we adjusted drain out to the opposite side.


  Jennifer Edmonds


  June 2018


  Countryside Rd Weston, Montana