We carry out providing structural design services for a single-family home in Sky King Dr. Port St. Lucie, Florida. The client had asked us to provide a full set of permit drawings. One of the main concerns of the client was how to build up the house to be strong enough to resist hurricanes like Irma. After going through client’s requirements and concerns, S3DA-Design engineering team started to work on the structural and MEP layouts as per 2015 FBC code, considering wind speeds and wind load under ASCE 7-10 standard. Considering the location of the property, 130mph wind speeds were considered for the wind load calculations.
Furthermore, the client had asked for a steep-pitched roof, which caused greater uplift forces. As such, our engineering team had to consider such force within their calculation designing proper connections against the uplift forces.
Steel beams were designed for the framing of the 4 large spans. As per experience, the combination of wood columns and steel beams allows to reduce the height of wood beams and avoid locating any additional columns in large spans.
In relation with the CMU walls, specifically for the gables, the engineering team realized that it has considered additional #5 rebar @24” to enforce that part of the walls. Required details are produced and presented in the drawings.
As per the client’s request, the structural design of this project was accomplished while keeping the sections cost-effective and within the standards and allowed quantities. The outcome was approved by the client and was submitted for city approval.


  Kevin – B


  December 2017


  Port St. Lucie, Florida