We were approached to design and run a structural analysis of a stand-in Minco, Oklahoma to hold a silo full of sand so that the truck can pull under the silo to fill the material and leave. The height of the silo is 69 feet and the structure’s height is 18′-3”, so the total height is 87′-3″.

In order to run wind loading and calculation, we faced with a challenge that was related to the difference between two conditions:

1- When the silo is full of sands

2- When it is empty

We have major changes between these conditions, so we had to design a conservative steel design stand for empty condition. The other challenge which we faced was the height of the structure, because we should have enough space for the truck to park under the structure, so we had to assume 18 feet clearance below the steel structure.

For support the silo weight and other loads we designed and calculated pile foundation system. After one-week intense work and collaborative effort between the client and our engineering team, the full set of the structural layout was completed and the stand structure was built, and after 3 months, it stands out to perform its task.


  Steve – M


  May 2018


  Minco, Oklahoma