Structural Calculation for loft conversion Yeovil

There are several ways to enhance the usability of different unused spaces in your house, and one of them is the loft conversion that can be used to increase the indoor space or making a living space, bedroom, or bathroom out of it.

Therefore it is vital that you design it to your and your family’s best convenience and have some reliable calculations are done to ensure its stability during windstorms, rains, and earthquakes. All this can be achieved by the professionals, and engineers that will help you ensure the efficiency and stability of your loft as well as the area you have provided for your living space.

Following this idea, one of our clients was looking to add a bathroom and bedroom in the loft. He had already done the architectural stage with a local architect and was seeking the structural accomplishment of the design. He came to us asking that so one of our structural engineers took the project and completed the project within three days and we eventually provided our client with the structural calculation for the loft conversion of his bungalow house in Yeovil.

What Our Clients Say About Our Services: “Absolutely amazing service. Very quick to do the job. And great at coming back quickly with answers to any questions? Also very reasonably priced. Would highly recommend S3DA Design’s structural engineer Hamid to any future clients.”


  Roger – D


  November 2018


  westbourne Grove, Yeovil