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Residential design Tipperary, Ireland. Structural Engineering

Structural engineering services for a residential building in Tipperary, Ireland

We received this project from an architect who had designed a modern scheme for a one and a half story residential building to do the structural design stage.
The exterior walls had been considered to be 350mm block cavity walls and 580 for some parts which have been designed to be built with dry-cut natural limestone cladding.
The area under construction was 825sqm and we had only 4 weeks to provide all the designs and related structural drawings. Another challenge that we were facing was the big opening in these walls which forced us to use double steel beams for the block walls and triple beams for the stone walls (as lintels).
To reduce the size of the beams we had to consider extra plates on the top and bottom of them to achieve the required strength. By doing this we managed to limit the beam size to max 254 so that not to reduce the height of the ceilings. In order to specify everything clearly, we prepared more than 50 connection details until the builders know exactly what to do.




  March 2018


  Tipperary, Ireland