Client: Mr. Doug Derouin

  Location: Oceanside, CA

This three-floor 18,307 square foot condominium project required structural, MEP and Title 24 designs. The scope of work included various designs including lighting services, power and electrical distribution systems, telephone and data wiring, fire alarm system, HVAC systems and plumbing.

Given S3DA’s expertise in all fields mentioned above, this project was awarded to us. Particularly, functioning as a single source of responsibility for all design work ensures the client receives clash-free designs without requiring coordination between multiple parties.

S3DA will design the structural resistance system, review the site condition and specify any hazard parameters. The structural design will be coordinated with the architectural layout to ensure any conflicts are eliminated.

We are aiming for energy-efficient designs, offering energy calculations for HVAC and lighting systems while designing based on California standards and codes.