Our structural engineering teams delivered this residential building project based on 2016 California Building Code. Based on our agreement, we provided full city permit package, including the structural and MEP drawings package as well as the required calculations. The project covered 787 sqft addition for the first floor and 493 sqft for the second floor.
The client had a time limit and requested fast delivery. Therefore we set up a project schedule accordingly. We designed a modern facade according to the inspirational images delivered by the client. Part of the existing roof was converted to vaulted roof. The roof framing system consisted of a timber roof deck supported by timber stud wall and internal glued laminated beam. The foundation system consisted of conventional reinforced concrete footings. Continuous footings support the exterior timber walls, and isolated spread (pad) footings support the interior timber columns. The lateral loads caused by seismic and wind forces will be supported by the timber shear walls.
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  August 2018


  Danville, CA