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10 story apartment

Apartment Exterior Design Project

MAOMAO BUILDING is located in Ming Fung Street, Xinbei City, Taiwan which is built in 1999. The building is 969sq.m with 271 units. It’s based on the Architectural design of the exterior and makes old buildings look luxury and realistic.

The left and right of the building are designed symmetrically. There are the details on top of the building and between second and third floor. Between the small alleys, there’s a white sidewalk for the pedestrian.

There are the green plants, trees, and bushes outside of the building. There’s a curve design on the edge of the building. There are 3 layers of the windows.

There’s a light every one meter. We took the air conditioner since there was the old design from 20 years ago.

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  • Category :Architectural
  • Client :Liu- B
  • Location :Taiwan
  • Date :February 2017