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Islamic design house in Amman - palm house. Architectural design

Islamic design house in Amman

For our architectural design team, the Arabic modern villa is considered a one-off residential project in Jordan. It constructed with three sides allowing a dazzling doorway with a sealed brick laid roof to appear in the front; grasping beneath it is a lovely framed glass entrance.
Marble white walls hold together bifocal ground windows going around the house to gaze upon the surrounding palm trees. The client desired an exterior with an Arabic luxurious style combined with a modern sense including curved windows, roof design. The column ideas represent the Arabic style. On the other side, we have clean lines and white color as the main design color that brings a modern ambiance to the design.
If you are planning to have your Arabic modern villa, we would be delighted to assist in the design. All you have to do is to contact us and we will take it up from there.

Dr. Abbas. N


February 2016


Amman - Jorden