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conceptual design ideas in California

How did we task a conceptual design Idea for our client

This project was awarded in order to get some conceptual design ideas for a company working on extending some urban residential and mixed use constructions in Pasadena.

We did it in two versions, 6 story and also lower height scaled and detailed models.

We had no problem with that respective client but limited timeline, therefore the final production was the best available in that limited schedule.

The project was split into two parts: Architectural (done with ArchiCAD) and visualization (fulfilled in 3DsMAX).

If you are planning to have your unique building structure, we would be delighted to assist in the design. All you have to do is to contact us and we will take it up from there.


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  • Category :Architectural
  • Client :Ed Shepard
  • Location :Pasadena - California
  • Date :December 2016