Custom home designs Caribbeans



This project is the design of a contemporary holiday villa in the Caribbeans. The area under the building is 86x22 Ft. with an entrance of 8x8 ft. The challenging part of the architectural design was that the client wanted all the 4 bedrooms to have the ocean view with balcony but due to the security issue, they didn’t want any access to the bedrooms from outside.  The house was to have an outside pool and outdoor facilities as well.
Since trees in this island are protected by the local laws the price of the wood and timber is rather high and also due to the nature of the Caribbean Sea which usually encounters very heavy storms, as a result, the building should have been built with concrete walls and roof to resist the powerful winds.  After a couple of back and forth with the client, we prepared the architectural layout which was not only approved by the client but also they really were delighted seeing we had considered all their requirements in our design.



May 2018



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